Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday SlowDown

On this relaxing Sunday afternoon I'm just going to post some 'LIKES'.

I like this pumpkin...
My daughter did that. 
I think it is VERY CLASSY.

And I like this classy boy...
He is my dear twin's grandson.... and his name is my dad's name, Andrew.
I love him so much.

And I like this song...
I took that picture in my car - at a stoplight. 
It is a most beautiful song.... mm.

And I like this Dallas Cowboy...
He's Terrance Williams.... and he's playing football as I type this blog post.
You can read about him by clicking HERE.
You will find out that he was (always is) a BAYLOR BEAR!!!

Along that line: only if you've been a hermit lately would you not know how well Baylor is doing this football season!

(That sign seems like an oxymoron... but I like it.)

Finally, in keeping with the 'slowdown' title of this post, click HERE for a great website I found this week, about slowing down.
Really click there (that HERE in the previous sentence) and find a great website that you'll like.

And enjoy slowing down.

Well, that's all for now.
Later I will tell you why I didn't go to Baylor Homecoming this past weekend.
(I was doing something VERY IMPORTANT.)
Stay tuned.


laura said...

Suspense! I want to know what you were doing this weekend. And thanks for sharing my pumpkin! I hadn't thought of it as classy before..

Nancy said...

Yes, Laura, your pumpkin is CLASSY.