Saturday, November 30, 2013

So much to tell...

Some weekends are humdrum.
Not this one.

It was great... and yet I just found out some very sad news: our dear friend-like-a-brother, Keith Prather, lost his father this morning.  My heart goes out to the whole family.
Susan paid tribute to him on Facebook with these words...
This morning my sweet father-in-law went to be with Jesus. He was one of the most devoted, Godly men I have ever been blessed to know. RIP Poppy Prather. Your legacy lives on in your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and the many lives that you have touched throughout your life.feeling blessed.

And later she put this up...
That says it so well...
... for all of us who have lost loved ones.

But for tonight...
my heart is especially going out to all the Prathers.
 I love you all so much.

I was going to tell of other things
- like seeing THE SOUND OF MUSIC
at the Carrollton Plaza Arts Center this afternoon-
but I will let that be in another post.
(And oh, it WILL BE, because it was WONDERFUL.)

Instead I'll leave you with some sweet pictures I took last night at our house...
(you can click them to make them larger)
That's my mother, my daughter Laura holding her niece Nell, and Laura's husband Ryan.
(I like that picture.)

And here's Uncle Ryan with Nell...

Here's Nell with her mommy....

Here they are again...
All I can think to say is, "Aww." 
(I think that's a word.)

And here is Nell's fun aunt....

Thursday, November 28, 2013

It was WONDERFUL today...

Thanksgiving dinner was low-key today... and WONDERFUL!!!

We went to Mother's Retirement Center.... which meant NO FUSS FOR US!!!

Here's our group...
Back row: me, my hubby-Sam, my dad's little sister Helen and her hubby-Frank - known as 'Papa Frank' to all his grandchildren.  (By the way, Helen is known as Grammy to all their grandchildren. She was my inspiration for me to want to be called Grammy by my granddaughter Nell.)

Seated in the center is my dear mother.
Isn't she beautiful?
She always has been.
(inside and out)

We had WONDERFUL conversation
we had a scrumptious meal.

Our plates looked something like this, only better....
(I got that picture from a Google search.)

So now we're resting.

Next on the agenda: Christmas decorating.

Here's an ornament I love putting up on our Christmas tree...
I love that ... and her.

Oh, and I'll have to get some ornaments for another special little girl!

Here she is with some sweet footwear....


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm no Pollyanna today...

I've got a sore throat.
Maybe a cold is coming on.
Fortunately I'm not hosting Thanksgiving.

I don't feel bad enough to not enjoy this time doing nothing, though.  :)

Shiloh and I are sitting in the den together.
He's on the floor, I'm in the chair.

And I'm thinking of gratitude.
The whole idea of giving thanks is good.

I vividly remember decades ago when I went and visited my twin sister in her freshman dorm room, which she shared with Connie from San Marcos. Peggy and I lived in the same dorm - I was in the last room on the fifth floor of Collins and Peggy was in the first room on the sixth floor in Collins (one story apart - and clear across the building).  We each got 'potluck' roommates... and we each liked them ... and we realized it was to our advantage to not be right next door to each other. 

Anyway, I went way over to Peggy's room to say hello one afternoon... and there were Connie and Peggy making thanksgiving lists.  (I don't think it was close to Thanksgiving.)

It seems they had been kind of stressed with classes and a little down in the dumps because of the stress and one of them (I'm thinking Peggy, since she was a pretty happy person, usually) suggested they each take out a yellow tablet and start listing things for which they were grateful.

They did it silently... then compared notes.
And I walked in as they were comparing those notes.


They had written things like: running water; vending machines; the fact they didn't bite their nails; their warm, comfy beds; getting accepted to Baylor; each other; their parents; the blue sky; that they didn't have to wear braces on their teeth or their legs; their ability to read and write and type; the workers in the cafeteria, living in Texas, Dr. Pepper, etc., etc., etc.

The three of us were smiling and laughing and thinking of more blessings.. and more and more.

It's amazing how often I've thought of that day.

And it's amazing how gratitude can start to spark a dim moment with some light... and happiness.

Hmm. I'm feeling more Pollyanna-ish.  

By the way, Wikipedia has an entry for POLLYANNA  and one for the POLLYANNA PRINCIPLE.
Now that's interesting.


Monday, November 25, 2013

We need to give thanks for (and to) certain folks....

... by 'certain folks' I mean: maids in hotels, garbage men who pick up our garbage, busboys and busgirls who pick up our dirty dishes in restaurants, and well, anybody who takes care of us, including our parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and for today I mean: WAITERS AND WAITRESSES.

Yes. Today I'm going to be thankful for those people who wait on us... whether it be at Taco Bell, or at Chili's, or some fine high-dollar restaurant like Del Frisco's (which I've never been to, by the way - but might want to go to on my birthday.  Oh wait. I want to go to Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth!)

Anyway, I want to thank those folks who wait on me - wherever they are.

And I want to thank Delta Johnston, a friend and fellow dealer at LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX), who posted an important post on Facebook not long ago.

By the way, here's Delta with her husband, Dan (whom you might recognize from Artisan Center Theater in Hurst, TX) ...
Dan and Delta are wonderful people.

Not too long ago Delta posted this on Facebook....
Did you go there - to that link?
Did you read it?
Did you get it?
(Click HERE if you missed it.)

That 10-dollar-bill was NOT 10 dollars!
It was a Christian tract.

I'm all for Christianity, as you know.
But I am NOT for just giving out a little pamphlet about God INSTEAD of a good tip.

Waiters and waitresses get very little in actual pay.
They need tips.
Good tips.
... if you pray before the meal you need to give them a GOOD tip!!!
Otherwise, I believe you are a hypocrite.

And if you stay at a table a long time, you should tip WELL.

I know there are times you don't want to tip well.
Sometimes the service is awful.
But maybe a huge group came in before you did - and they didn't have reservations.

That happened last Tuesday (11/19/13) in the LoneStar Antique Mall Tea Room.
Two (yes, two) huge groups came in last Tuesday with over 12 people each... 
and well, it affected all of the service in the whole tea room.
And the tips weren't good.

And the precious waiters and waitresses went home dead tired,
with not much money to account for all their work. 

And that made me mad.
Well, sad anyway.

No mad.

Well, I'll call it 'righteous indignation'.


 So here's a tip: TIP WELL!!!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cozy evening ...

It's nice to be inside on this cold, wet Sunday night.  Mm.
I'm already in my pajamas.  Mm.

Yesterday was busy, but fun.

First, I attended another training session for ESL (English as a Second Language) at Bear Valley....
I always love being with those people.

Peggy Johnson led the meeting...
 ... as she is our director.  
And a wonderful one at that.

Notice the lady to Peggy's right in that above picture, who's leaving the room, talking on her cellphone.  (In the picture before that she is texting!)
She had good reason to be phoning and texting.
She's Ricki Lea Krause and her first grandchild was born Friday!!!  (He is being called 'Liam'.)

Well I couldn't let Ricki get all the glory for being a new grandmother!
I had to get a picture of the TWO new grandmothers...

I was kind of dressed up because I had to leave the ESL meeting and do the important job of playing the piano in the tea room (of LONESTAR ANTIQUES - 5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City).

After I played I headed over to Princess Nell's house where I would babysit while her parents went to watch THE HUNGER GAMES new movie.  (They liked it.)  It was Nell's FIRST time with a babysitter.  And it was my first time as a babysitter to my grandchild.  So I had to get a picture of her....
She is getting prettier and prettier and I didn't think that was possible.

After the babysitting fun, I headed home to watch Baylor play Oklahoma State.

Oh brother.

During every game this year Sam and I high-five each other and hug each other and yell and smile and do the happy dance..., whether we're watching the game at home or being in the stadium.

Until last night.
We were just consoling each other.

Ah, but we were happy for OSU - who played an AWESOME game.

We do feel close to OSU.
Sam's folks went there.
So it must be a wonderful university. 

Now the Baylor Bears are licking their wounds after that 49-17 defeat.

But they'll win the rest of their games.

Oh, and I need to buy little Nell some things....

Friday, November 22, 2013

Where were you?

That's the question most of us older folks are asking each other today...

Where were you when you found out about JFK's assassination?

I was on the playground at Bryan Elementary School in Mission, Texas.  Actually I was in the fields where we'd play kickball, and stuff.   We were either in a P.E. class... or in (on) recess.

I remember seeing some of the teachers running to tell other teachers something.
Then we were all hurriedly ushered back to class.

I think it was Mrs. Dugger's class.

I was in the 6th grade (or 5th) and 11 years old.

The teacher told us the news.
Then it was confirmed that the President was dead.

I remember we all sat at our desks and were kind of numb.

One of the students began crying and I vividly remember thinking that she was just pretending to cry.
(Sixth graders (like myself) can be so judgmental.)

Some of my blog-readers were in that class.

I don't remember grieving actually - that day - or the next.
Did you?

I do remember being stunned.
And maybe a little sad, but not super sad.

Back then we didn't have cell phones, or emails, or Facebook.  We didn't even have answering machines.  
We weren't letting each other know how we thought about it - like we do now - about anything.

I guess we were stunned all on our own, and then inside our own homes with just our families.

We only had 2 channels on the television.

I remember thinking that nothing else but assassination news was on those two channels for days.  (I remember wanting to watch Gunsmoke or Perry Mason or something.)

To think that I lived during those days.

I don't have a lot of insight into those days... other than that when you're into something history-altering you may not realize it to be that major.

Especially when you're just in the 6th grade.

But that's okay.

6th grade is 6th grade.

And you don't have to realize everything about everything.

On a completely different note, our niece's son Finn is seven today!

Here's what Marian put on Facebook.


Happy Birthday Day, Finley!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday's Top Ten....

For today I'm going to give you ten things I like...

1. This picture of my son with his daughter (who was a week old yesterday!)

2. Here's Trish and Terri putting up the Christmas Village today in the tea room at LoneStar Antiques (5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX)....

3. This place...
It's Yogurt Story (at Glade and 121).
Mother and I went yesterday.

4. This little fella who was on my Bible yesterday morning...
Yes, I liked him, after I got used to him. 

5. This couple...
That's Dr. Barris and Kim Ayres. 
I took that picture at Rob's THE COLLECTIVE. 
You can read about that by clicking HERE.
And you can go to Dr. Ayres' website by clicking HERE.
(He helped me A WHOLE LOT years ago.)
(I can't thank him enough.)

5. This picture....
That's me with Robin, Bailey's mom, holding Princess Nell the day after she was born
(a week ago last night).

6. This president and his Gettysburg Address...
That address was given 150 years ago today. 

7. This quote...

Beware the barrenness of a busy life. ~Socrates

8. These "Cows on Parade"....
They're for sale at LoneStar Antiques, 5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, Texas.

9. This ceiling...
... in Caroline and Anna's bedroom.

10. And finally this...
(I've not been exercising like I should lately,
but that is changing this week.)

Those were my 10 things today.
They were in no particular order.

Monday, November 18, 2013

We made some happy memories....

... this past weekend.

I like this quote.."Happy memories never wear out. Relive them as often as you want."

I'm already reliving these fun times....

Saturday was Ryan's birthday and we helped celebrate!....
That's his family and comrade Chris (at the end of the table) having just finished a delicious lunch at Kona Grill at North Park Mall in Dallas

I like this picture....

And here's Ryan with the gift we gave him...
 Those are ski goggles.

That evening we went to the Baylor/Texas Tech game at the AT&T (Cowboy) stadium in Arlington...
 I really liked sitting next to my beautiful daughter.

We got to meet up with dear friends during the game....
That Red Raider is Allison, who flew down the night before from D.C.
Next to her is Marcie, who is wearing neutral colors because she's an Aggie! 
I feel sure she was rooting for Baylor though, who won, by the way...
Sic 'em, Bears!!!

The next day, the four of us in that picture went to see Nell.


Oh, and I got to hold her, too.

I'm really enjoying being a grandmother, by the way.

(She calls me Grammy.)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Special Baptism...

 My great niece, Caroline, is amazing.  She'll be just 7-years-old next month, but she is wise way beyond her years.

About two years ago she wanted to talk to her parents about accepting Christ as her Savior.   So they did.  And she did.

They all decided they would wait till she got older for her to be baptized.

Well, a few months ago she approached her parents and said she was ready to be baptized... and that she wanted her daddy to do the honor.  And she wanted to do it at Lake Grapevine. 

And she did and he did..... and it was wonderful.  WONDERFUL. 
And so very touching.

It was Saturday afternoon, November 9.

Here are some pictures I took....
There John is reading from Romans chapter 6, verses 1-3

Then they walk out into the water....

And the parents rejoiced...
And we all did.

Here is the Bible passage John read right before the baptism....
What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?  By no means! We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?  Or don’t you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?  We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.  - Romans 6:1-3

I believe God is going to use precious Caroline in mighty ways.

Well, God is ALREADY using her in mighty ways.

I'm so glad she is a part of my life.  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Now I understand...

... how large love is.

When I was expecting my dear daughter Laura I thought, "I don't know how I'll love this baby as much as I love Will."
But I did.
I so did.

Before my granddaughter Nell was born (late last Monday night), I thought, "I wonder how I'll be with Caroline and the A-Team (Andrew and Anna).   I have loved them so much, but they're Peggy's (my late twin's) grandchildren.   Maybe I will be different with them now, now that I have my own grandchild.

Ah, but love is large.  Love is HUGE!

I found myself beside myself looking forward to seeing them and being with them.... which I did and was yesterday.

I mean I couldn't get to them and hug them fast enough.

Just by chance you haven't seen pictures of them, here are some recent ones..
That's Caroline showing us the dress that her daddy bought her,
when they went out on a daddy-daughter date.

Here's Andrew, when I said, 'Smile for the camera, Andrew!'
He said, "I'll do a monkey-smile."

And here's Anna at her brother's ball game..
I said, "Look at me, Anna."  
And she did.  

So I was curious how I'd be with them after Nell was born.

Well, now I know.

I think I love them more than ever!

And of course I love Princess Nell.

I went to see her yesterday at her house....
Mother and baby are doing well.

And so is Will.

It's a wonderful life.

My next post will be about Caroline
and the wonderful event that took place at Lake Grapevine.

Stay tuned.

Trivia Tuesday

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