Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm no Pollyanna today...

I've got a sore throat.
Maybe a cold is coming on.
Fortunately I'm not hosting Thanksgiving.

I don't feel bad enough to not enjoy this time doing nothing, though.  :)

Shiloh and I are sitting in the den together.
He's on the floor, I'm in the chair.

And I'm thinking of gratitude.
The whole idea of giving thanks is good.

I vividly remember decades ago when I went and visited my twin sister in her freshman dorm room, which she shared with Connie from San Marcos. Peggy and I lived in the same dorm - I was in the last room on the fifth floor of Collins and Peggy was in the first room on the sixth floor in Collins (one story apart - and clear across the building).  We each got 'potluck' roommates... and we each liked them ... and we realized it was to our advantage to not be right next door to each other. 

Anyway, I went way over to Peggy's room to say hello one afternoon... and there were Connie and Peggy making thanksgiving lists.  (I don't think it was close to Thanksgiving.)

It seems they had been kind of stressed with classes and a little down in the dumps because of the stress and one of them (I'm thinking Peggy, since she was a pretty happy person, usually) suggested they each take out a yellow tablet and start listing things for which they were grateful.

They did it silently... then compared notes.
And I walked in as they were comparing those notes.


They had written things like: running water; vending machines; the fact they didn't bite their nails; their warm, comfy beds; getting accepted to Baylor; each other; their parents; the blue sky; that they didn't have to wear braces on their teeth or their legs; their ability to read and write and type; the workers in the cafeteria, living in Texas, Dr. Pepper, etc., etc., etc.

The three of us were smiling and laughing and thinking of more blessings.. and more and more.

It's amazing how often I've thought of that day.

And it's amazing how gratitude can start to spark a dim moment with some light... and happiness.

Hmm. I'm feeling more Pollyanna-ish.  

By the way, Wikipedia has an entry for POLLYANNA  and one for the POLLYANNA PRINCIPLE.
Now that's interesting.


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