Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's surreal....

Here is Laura (now Aunt Laura) with her brother and his daughter, Nell...
Just writing that and posting that picture seems surreal.

And 'surreal' is the way Sam has described this week's events.

And 'surreal' is the way niece Elizabeth described Will and Bailey's leaving the hospital today with their BABY DAUGHTER!


Yet thankfully REAL!!!


Here are some pictures of Mother and Laura and Ryan's visit last night to the hospital to meet Princess Nell...

Oh my. 
I don't think life will ever get back to normal. 

Well, I guess there will be a new kind of normal. 

A WONDERFUL kind of NELL normal!

I will close this post with 2 pictures.

The first is of Bailey as a newborn...
 (I took that picture of her baby picture at her baby shower in Sept.)

And now here is Bailey's daughter...
I'm seeing a definite resemblance!!! 

(If you missed my previous post of Nell's birth-day, you can click HERE to go there.)

It's a wonderful life.


Laura said...

Love it! And yes, there is a resemblance!

Unknown said...

Surreally Real! Happy for all.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I totally see the resemblance!! Congratulations!

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