Sunday, November 10, 2013

OU football players had a message for me...

There's a lot to blog about this week -- birthday parties, a baptism, the upcoming birth of my first grandchild (due Friday!), my daughter's art being sold on mugs!, visiting with nephew John Thursday night, etc., etc...
But for now I'm going to take a deep breath and preach a little sermon.

Before I do let me remind you that Baylor beat OU Thursday night 41-12!!!

Here's a picture of some folks at the husband (on right), his brother Steve and sister Pat and Pat's granddaughter Molly, and Steve's son Mac.
Sam said it was a super exciting game.
The crowd was wild, wilder than usual.
And we won big time.
Sic 'em, Bears!!!

Now I will take a deep breath and tell you about a sermon I heard years ago.

It was about the OU football team. From 1947-1963 their coach was Bud Wilkinson.  During that time the OU Sooners won 3 national championships and 14 conference titles. (You can get that info and more on Wikipedia by clicking HERE.)

The players would often be asked, "What is the reason for your success?"
Their answer would always be something like this, "Everybody has an opinion, advice, and/or criticism for us.  Everybody: sportswriters, our family members (especially our dads and granddads and uncles, well, and our mothers and sisters, too), and our friends, and our girlfriends, and even our enemies.  Everybody.   But we don't pay attention to them. We just don't. We pay attention to our coach.  Our focus is on what HE has to say, not on what anybody else has to say."

Then the sermon went on about how we need to focus on what we need to focus on: God.  Everybody else out there has an opinion, advice, and/or criticism.   But we need to focus on the One True God. .... and be like the Sooner football team - not listen to anybody else  ... and WIN!!!

That has stayed with me through the years.

Now let's all take a deep breath...and enjoy this Sunday, God's day.

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