Friday, December 20, 2013

Did you hear what I heard?

(I took that picture quickly.)
Today in the tea room I heard some Christmas carols played by me, myself and I.  (It's a great gig.)
Some of the songs I like more than others.  My least favorite is "Frosty, the Snowman" - so I didn't hear it today.

One of my most favorite is "O Holy Night".   One day when I played it a lady came up to me and asked what it was. I told her.  She said it was just so haunting and so beautiful that she'd have to look to see if it was up on YouTube, so she could maybe hear it again.  (I take it for granted that I know that song so well.)

Another one of my most favorite carols is "Do You Hear What I Hear?" And wouldn't you know that my very own son has sung (and played) it professionally - in a studio of his and his friends in Dallas - and the studio is offering it for YOU (and ME) - with all of the proceeds going to Notes4Cancer, a great organization providing financial assistance and emotional support through music for children battling cancer and their families.

Click HERE to go to the site to hear it.   You MUST go there.  It doesn't take long.... but it so worth it.

You will see that the studio is called fifty50studios....
I will have to ask Will why it's called that.
(I'm thinking those 'elves' must be Todd Cotham and Aaron Carpenter,
who started fifty50studios last year.)

On a different note (but still about Will), here is his daughter's stocking that will hang in our house....

It will hang from this...
(I LOVE Hobby Lobby!)

Wednesday night Will, Bailey and Nell came over and had supper.
After supper we watched some old home videos.

Here's Will in March, 1985...
He was clapping his hands.

After watching the video I took this picture of him with his beautiful wife and daughter....

It's a wonderful life.

(My next post will feature my daughter
and I might call the post "Did you see what I saw?")

Stay tuned!

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