Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Really easy cookies...
... are what I know how to do with the A-Team...
That's Andrew and Anna
getting their cookies ready to bake.

Andrew liked to mix the red sugar
with the green sugar...

And Anna was very careful in pouring out her sugar... 

Then they watched them bake...
(It's so nice that I have two ovens.)

And yes, those were the easiest cookies to bake.
We didn't even make them into shapes, or add frosting.
And they just had to pull the Pillsbury dough apart to get the cookie 'started'.

Ah, but for a 3-year-old, a 5-year-old, and their older great-aunt, it was fun.

And they tasted delicious.

While Anna was napping, her brother got to color and do some dot-to-dot...
(I think he's growing too fast.)

The activity book he was coloring in and doing those dot-to-dots was this...
Well, that's Anna's book.

When Caroline got home from school, all three of them got to work (play) in their books...
(I bought those books at LIFEWAY BOOKSTORE near NorthEast Mall in Hurst.)

Those three children are so very dear.
And well-mannered.
And so fun to be around.

And here's a wonderful picture of them with their parents...

Is that not a beautiful family?!?

(One of these days I'm going to get some special time with Caroline.)
(Just Caroline and me.)
(Me and Caroline.)

(Maybe she can teach me how to make some fancier cookies.)

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