Monday, December 9, 2013

I am how I am.

Recently Susan Boyle was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Ms Boyle is  the fabulous soprano from Scotland who was discovered on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT in 2009  You can click HERE for Mayo Clinic's definition of that syndrome.  In short, it is a milder form of an 'autism spectrum disorder'. 

When I first read about her diagnosis I thought, 'oh, how sad for her.'
Ah, but I shouldn't have felt sad.
She was relieved!!
She had a diagnosis - an explanation - for how she is!
(You can click HERE for an article about that.)

[This next discourse may seem trivial when one thinks of being diagnosed with Asperger's.]

Have you ever found out how you are?

Maybe you've taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
I took it years (decades) ago.  I was diagnosed as an INFJ and my husband an INTP.
(We're still pretty much those.)

Then I took a LIFO test later and found out I was Supporting/Giving and Adapting/Dealing and Sam's was (is) Conserving/Holding and Adapting/Dealing.
(This is a test not so much on personality - but on how one communicates.)

Later we studied Gary Chapman's FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES and determined that my love languages were (are) primarily Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch, while my husband's is mainly Acts of Service.
(This info was VERY helpful in our marriage.)

Well, there are all kinds of personality tests out there.
For instance there is one with animals.
(You can click HERE for that one.)
It told me I am basically a Golden Retriever, as opposed to a Lion, an Otter or a Beaver.) 
(I've always loved Golden Retrievers.)

Anyway, we CAN get too much into ourselves by finding out how we are.... but in my case it was VERY HELPFUL.
It was helpful not only in understanding myself, but in understanding others.
Primarily it helped me KNOW that everybody is not like me--- and EVERYBODY DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE ME.

It made me be very accepting of folks..... AND MYSELF.

So that's where my mind went when I read about Susan Boyle's relief in her 'diagnosis'.

Admitting and affirming who we are - and how we are - can be a RELIEF.
('Course I can always improve... but sometimes I tire of trying to improve.)

That's it for today.
I hope everybody's driveway has thawed out.


laura said...

I love personality tests too! I think I'm pretty much an INTJ, but then I read the description about it and it seems really lame and boring, so I don't know…I might be INFJ..but probably exactly in the middle.

Nancy said...

Yeah, Laura, I may be ENTJ.

Oh well, we are what we are.

(these tests aren't perfect.... as no one is..... which is a relief to know.)


Nancy said...

Whoa. Laura, I misspoke ... I don't think I'm EVER an ENTJ.. but an ENFJ.... yeah. I'm always an NF.
Oh yeah.
I gotta be who I am.
And you- who you are.

Oh yeah.

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