Sunday, December 8, 2013

Iced in...

... but no cabin fever ... for Sam...

... because he can watch a football game over and over...

....well, especially since Baylor won the conference!!!

If you haven't followed Baylor sports in the last few decades (or ever),
well, you don't know how exciting this is!!!

And no, we did not go to the game, but watched it upstairs on the big screen.

I'm thinking our family and friends who attended are still thawing out.

Here are some pictures they put up on Facebook.....
I guess you CAN smile while you're freezing.
(Well, especially if you're (we're) winning!)

Oh, and Santa IS a Baylor Bear....
Sic 'em, Santa!

I did wear my new Baylor watch yesterday....
It was $20 at Charming Charlie's.
They also had A&M watches, and Tech, Texas, TCU... etc, etc.

Back to the ice...
Here's the view this morning from Sam's study...
That is NOT soft snow.
That is HARD ice!

Here's a picture Elizabeth posted on Facebook yesterday afternoon....
Here's her caption:
I knew those ice skates were good for more than decoration!! 
Ice skating in our backyard! 

It's supposed to get warmer today. 

I'm ready.

(I will always be a Rio Grande Valley Girl,
where we wore a (light) coat maybe once every two years.)

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