Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's been a wonderful year....

....for Sam and me.

Maybe not for the USA, though....
It's nice to get a new start, huh?

As for us, in 2013 we got a granddaughter....

And both of her parents got their master's degrees from the University of Glasgow in Scotland...
They both graduated 'with merit'-which is like 'cum laude' here.
We're so proud.

Other things happened in 2013.
Lots of good things.... family reunions, birthday parties, a Russia trip.  (I don't know why I wanted that Russia trip to look like no big deal.  IT WAS A MAJOR BIG DEAL!... and we're going back next September!!!!)

Oh, and we're going to China in April! (also as part of B.H. Carroll Theological Institute.)
I was glad to see this article: "Expert Tips for Doing Business in China" in USATODAY yesterday.
It looks like our daughter is going to have to teach us to use chopsticks, finally.

Right now she and her hubby are in Durango, CO skiing.
Here's a picture of their first day.
I love that picture.
And them.

Tonight I get to do my Grammy duties!
Or I should say, my Grammy 'lovies'!!

Even if Nell just lies there... I could stare at her forever.

I will close by telling you this:
I'm letting my hair go gray.

Here's a selfie I just took..

(I need to work on taking selfies. )



Being Beth said...

Happy New Year, Nancy!!! Your selfie cracked me up! May we have lots of chances to laugh together in 2014 my dear friend!!! Love you!

Nancy said...

Love you, too, Beth!!!!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

2013 looks like a great year - but what a fantastic year of adventure awaits in 2014!! Beyond amazing!!

Your selfie is way better than mine... and it made me giggle, too!

laura said...

In that first picture of Nell, she looks so much like Bailey!

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