Sunday, December 15, 2013

You can say "Happy Holidays" to me...

It's okay.
I like "Merry Christmas," but I like glad greetings however they come my way.
Even 'Hello!' and 'Hi there' are fine this season. 

I do believe in Jesus and CHRISTmas. .... but I think we need to not get combative.

And if atheists want to put up signs - or statues - about their beliefs, well, so what? 

My life has been changed supernaturally because of my Savior, Christ Jesus.  YES.
I went through the (what-I-think-is-normal) doubt about Christianity and surely-it's-a-myth type of thinking.

My husband did that, too, before I met him.
And then we met, and we had that in common!

Now... I believe the Bible is true, but I'm not going to argue about things like evolution.  (I think God could make the world by using the method of evolution.  And that the word 'day' could mean 'era' in the first part of Genesis.)  

I used to be so adamant about being against teaching just evolution... and homosexuality... and imbibing in anything alcoholic, etc, etc.  (There are a lot of etceteras in Christian circles.)

But I've calmed down.
Way down.

And I feel closer to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ... than ever.

There is so much evidence for the 'fact' of him.  (I'm all for evidence.)

And there are so many books and articles out there now about folks who've embraced the Gospel...

I like this: "Why I stopped believing in God (and why I started again.)" at a blog by Mike McHargue.

Oh, and did you hear about Kirsten Powers becoming a Christ-follower?
You can read about it by clicking HERE

And there are FIVE TOP BOOKS that Eric Metaxas recommends for nonbelievers.  I want to get them and read them.
You can click HERE to see how Wikipedia tells about Metaxas.

So I'm a believer.
There have been miracles in my life - like what happened the morning of my twin's funeral (that I will tell about someday), among other things.. and well, other WONDERFUL THINGS that have confirmed my belief in God through Jesus Christ.

Yes, it's foolishness to those who don't 'buy it'.  The Bible said it would be.

But to me, God in Christ Jesus ... is wisdom, joy, etc., etc., and eternal life, which starts here, now.

 That's what I believe.


Unknown said...

I love this post, Nancy! It always bothers me when Christians get "combative"over things like saying "Happy Holidays." We have freedom to say "Merry Christmas" and everyone else has freedom to greet people in their own way. We are blessed to be greeted at all! Love your take on this :)

Jenny Campbell

Nancy said...

Thanks so much, Jenny!!!


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