Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chillin' with the Chillin'

Today has been relaxing.

Andrew and Anna have been here... and they are a delight.
(Of course, it wouldn't be relaxing if they weren't a delight.)

They got here at 8 this morning and immediately wanted to eat lunch - since they knew what was for lunch.

Finally at 10:30 I let them have lunch....
... while they watched a cute show I'd never known about...
It's a delightful show on PBS.

At noon Anna took a nap up in Laura's room...
She didn't want to sleep in the bed,
well, when she could sleep there!

Downstairs her brother watched some "Wild Kratts"...
That's his favorite show.

And he likes to stretch out his clothes while he watches TV...
That looks comfortably snug, huh?

Often when I have them I take them to McDonald's.
Today we just stayed here - cozy.

And tonight their parents and sister are coming for a pizza supper.

And you know who else is coming?
I took that picture Saturday night
when she was in my arms
(where I like her to be).

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