Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday fRandom...

I am being my usual indecisive self... wanting to change my blog background - and fonts, but getting stuck in my indecision.
That tells you I have a wonderful life... if that's all I'm 'indeciding' about (well, besides what to wear, what to cook, etc., etc.)!

In other news... this Sunday we start ESL registration at Bear Valley.
I took some pictures of the brochure and the business card we handed out.

Front of brochure...


and front and back of business card....
I thought those turned out super.
(I didn't make them.)
Now it will be interesting to see who turns out for registration Sunday!

Oh, when Amanda and I went to observe the fantastic First Baptist Church of Grapevine's ESL program in November, lo and behold there was Will and Laura's elementary school principal teaching an advanced class.
I couldn't resist getting a picture...
She has always been an inspiration.

On a completely different note,
Wednesday night we had a fun pizza supper with loved ones.
Here are some pictures before and after the Papa John's pizza
that was super delicious....
I love how that is two poses for the price of one!

(It's a wonderful life.)


In closing, here's a quote that I don't know who wrote,
but I really like...

Me at my best does not define me.
Me at my worst does not define me.
Christ in me defines me.


Laura said...

Mrs Hollifield! (Spelling?). She was a fun principal

Nancy said...

Yes, Laura! Mrs. Hollifield!!

Sara Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures of the H Crew... so cute!!!! Love the picture of C and her daddy... and it looks like E is pretty happy with a baby in her arms!!