Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm going through a phase...

.... of being very happy.

It's wonderful.... and yes, it is what prompted my previous post - trying to get everyone to be happy.

As soon as I published it, though, and then drove off to the west - to play in the tea room in Haltom City, I started second guessing it (which is often what I do when I write a blog post and publish it immediately).

As I drove westward, I thought basically two things:

1. My Grandmother Ora would probably have compassion on that mean, hateful lady in the tea room that I wrote about in that post.   Grandmother Ora was known for her nonjudgmental spirit.   My mother would always talk about how Grandmother Ora would say something like, "You don't now what that person is going through.  And there is a reason he/she behaves the way he/she does."

Here's a picture of my wonderful Grandmother Ora....

 And here she is in her kitchen (on the left) with her pretty daughter, my mother....
What a wonderful thing: to have a wonderful mother... 
and a wonderful grandmother.
(And my dad's mother was wonderful, too.)

I've had some good role models, for sure.

2. The second thought I had about that 'Happy-thought' post was this:
Sometimes there are no happy thoughts that you can just drag up. 
Sometimes you just need to cry.
Or at the least, just BE.

I've known times of grief, and burnout, and well, depression.
And I've taken Paxil.
I've been to a grief counselor (after twin-Peggy died)...
... and then to Dr. Barris Ayres - in the mid '90's, when I was suffering from what - I didn't know.... just lots of insomnia, and well, anger, and disgust with life.  He helped me immensely. IMMENSELY.

 Here's Barris' Facebook profile pic....
Yeah. He looks like that now,
(cool, huh?).... 
and he is super talented, besides psychology-wise.

I say all that is to say that if you can't find the will to think happy thoughts.... get help. 

Oh, I was against professional help a long time ago.
(Surely God alone could heal any depression, I thought.) 

Ah, but I'm so glad I came to my senses, and GOT HELP.

I hope you're happy, like I am now.  

And thinking happy thoughts IS powerful.

But if you're in a deep 'funk' (for lack of a better word), where 'happy thoughts' just can't be found, GET HELP.

I wrote this post last night.
Now I'm hitting 'publish'.

And again I'll show you this giraffe I like....

I hope you have a great day.

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