Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's a brand new year.

 I think it's great that we get to have a brand new year every year, don't you?
Right this minute I'm wearing my green and gold and have my Baylor watch on (that I got at Charming Charlie's for $20). 

Baylor is playing the University of Central Florida tonight in the Tostito Fiesta Bowl!

We're excited.

Oh, and I have some Tostitos in the pantry - ready.

I put up a cartoon on Facebook twice (last night and then this morning) - because I really like it...
Actually I have had New Year's resolutions that I HAVE seen through, yes.
Two years ago it was to join a health club so as to get serious about getting in better shape.
And I've been (pretty) faithful for two years!
(It feels good that I can say that.)
I want to keep it up...

... and I want to add this....

Well, I've noticed that when I'm rested
- which means I've taken time to rest - 
I feel better,
and don't get colds and other junk as frequently.

So I'm going to spend more time in my fuzzy slippers.
And I will not apologize for it.

In fact, I'm thinking about blogging quite a bit this year
about resting, and quiet, and solitude.

That should help with my resolution.


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Pam Philips said...

That's a great Resoluton.....I bought a little place at Lake Fork in East Texas......I plan on spending some time there this year....Glad you are going to Blog more.....enjoy reading what you have to say.....Happy New Year.