Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Favorite Things....

... in no particular order...

I ate there last week - with some Bear Valley ESL folks - 
and then again this morning with my dear niece, Elizabeth - 
and it was YUM.

Speaking of Elizabeth, here is a picture of her years ago...
Yes!  She was Miss San Antonio, and before that Miss Teen San Antonio -
and she was a semi-finalist in the Miss Texas Pageant!!!
(I think she would have so won- if she were taller than 5'3".
She was the most beautiful and most poised.)
(That is a picture of her in the Miss Texas Program a few years ago.)

She's a person, of course, 
but I'll call her one of My Favorite Things here, okay?


Another of my new favorite things....
My hairdresser, Marti, recommended this -
since I'm going gray now -
and I really like it!
(It's Matrix Total Results Color Care So Silver.)
(Btw, it doesn't break the bank.)

Another one of my Favorite Things is this DVD...
My dear daughter Laura gave it to me over a year ago ...
and I'm finally 'doing it' ... 
and loving it!

And speaking of Laura, (another one of my Favorite 'Things'),
here's another one of my Favorite Things --
this article that I just saw today...
It's a great article.

As you may (or may not) know, Laura is a professional 'doodler'.
Here's one of her more recent ones...
I love it.

You can order her art by going HERE.

Finally I have to tell you about my new back-scratcher.
First, let me tell you: I love having my back scratched...
especially in the winter time when my skin is dry.

Well, recently by trusty back scratcher
(that I think I bought at a Love's gas station years ago)

What to do?

Run-of-the-mill back-scratchers just don't do it for me...
like this kind....

Ah, but I have found a super solution!!

It's this....

I'm so proud of myself.
I was wanting (needing) a good back scratcher.
I was in TARGET and realized I needed to think outside the box.
Long story short, I went to the kitchen section and found it!

(Don't worry. If you come for spaghetti at my house, I won't use that.)
(It will stay in my night-stand beside my bed.)
(I promise.)

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laura said...

I'm glad you're liking that DVD! I hadn't watched it, but it got good reviews on amazon. And thanks for the shout out!

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