Friday, January 31, 2014

Smart Art....

Yesterday I went to Dallas to see my dear daughter, Laura.  And it wasn't a normal meeting.  I got to see her in action..... at her job!!..... teaching art at two elementary schools in the Richardson school district. 

Here she is...
Yes, she's beautiful.
(inside and out)

The plan was to eat lunch with her during her lunch break.
Before lunch she teaches at her main school
(where she teaches all grades)
and after lunch she teaches at her second school
(where she just teaches first and second grade art).

She suggested I come early - to meet her students.
What fun!

I got to meet them (first graders) AND watch her teach!
And then we drove to Chick-fil-A which was on the way to her second school.

Then I got to go to the second school,
and meet her students there (also first graders)
and watch her teach a bit there, too!

She is a fantastic teacher!

(I'm being objective here.)


Here are some random pictures I took in both of her classrooms...

I really like those notes.

I used to wish I could be a fly on the wall, and watch her teach.  

Well, I didn't have to become a fly.... 
I could be myself... 
and watch her teach!!!

And she was absolutely super.

Yes, this proud mama keeps on braggin'!!!

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laura said...

thanks momma! Glad you could visit :)

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