Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Tuneup...

Sometimes the tea room can get crazy busy and customers can get crazy cranky.
(Yes, I do think they need to hire more wait staff, but that's not my point.)

Nobody needs to get nasty and hateful and mean, like one lady did a week ago Saturday. 

She's been the talk of the antique mall - and nobody wants to see her face again.... and I'm guessing we won't.

That made me think of how nice it is to see some people.
And of how thinking of those people makes me feel good.

And that makes me think of how important it is how we think. 

We need to think happy thoughts.... by thinking of happy people, happy memories, happy homes we've been in, etc., etc.

I know.  I'm getting a little syrupy sweet here... but it's my blog, and it's what I want to blog about today.

And here's a good quote from Norman Vincent Peale...

Dennis Prager has written a book called HAPPINESS IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM.
I think it's a very good book.

Oh, and you can click HERE for a five minute course on our moral obligation to be happy, by Dennis Prager.   I think it's worth the five minutes to watch.
('Course the people who need to watch it won't. - oh, sorry for the negativity.)

In closing here's a picture I really really like...
... and that makes me happy.



Being Beth said...

This post was timely. I'm struggling to think totally happy today. I'm more bittersweet. My girl and her fella moved to Denver. Left last night, drove a grueling 17 hours in a huge snowstorm, inched along I-25 for hours and hours. I barely slept worrying and praying for their safety. Thank goodness we can pray!!! This is a fantastic move for them, and I'm terribly happy about it all, but still, that motherhood thing keeps me a little sad. Smiling through tears. How's that?

Nancy said...

Whoa, Beth. I can see how you would struggle to think totally happy.

You know, after I hit 'publish' on this post (which I wrote quickly and then immediately hit 'publish') I thought about how it's easy for me to write a 'happy post' these days.... and how not everybody can 'put on a happy face'.... and I remember times when being told to 'cheer up' was too simplistic... and well, here I was doing that.

I even thought about posting another post - maybe tomorrow - about how sometimes we just need to cry.

My heart goes out to you, Beth. Denver is a long way.... and what with snow, etc.... well, I'm kind of speechless now.

You don't have to be happy today.

Love you.

(It's hard to believe we haven't gotten together in person - in so long. ---- ONE OF THESE DAYS, OKAY?!)

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