Thursday, January 23, 2014

Two Things This Thursday

1.  I opened my book, MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST by Oswald Chambers, to read the last two days' readings for my 'quiet time' this morning.  Here's what I saw....
That might look awful to you, but it looks wonderful to me.

I've had that book for decades.
Those loving scribbles were made back in January 1985 - or '86.

I remember being determined to have a 'quiet time' with God
even if my children were little and awake, 
and well, with me every minute.

I think I'd gotten up to heat my coffee...
and came back to these scribbles.

After I saw those scribbles I decided I needed to get some coloring books,
or just blank pages for them to draw on.

Anyway, those pages (the only ones scribbled on in the book) are precious to me.

I guess there's a lesson here:  
if you have small children don't NOT have a time with God.
Do it...
and don't let your devotional book,
or Bible even,
be too sacred that they can't draw on it.

2. On a totally different note,
I finally announced on Facebook that I want to host a Mission High School reunion
this summer up here in north Texas.

Mission, TX is way down south - in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Ah, but lots of former Missionites live in north Texas... 
or all around the country and world,
and well, they could fly in --- and GET TOGETHER!!!

And I'm not just talking about a 1970 class reunion.
I'm talking about a reunion that would span years and years of graduations.

That may sound too ambitious.

Well, I've been feeling ambitious,
 and excited.

And will tell you more about it, later.

(Maybe I should reserve the AT&T Cowboy Stadium?)


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