Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cheers and Jeers....

JEERS for NBC having Jay Leno leaving “The Tonight Show”.  Life will not be the same.  :(

 CHEERS for Jimmy Fallon on the new “The Tonight Show”!
I’m so liking him.
I’m so liking him!

 [I didn't expect to.]

 CHEERS for Chick-fil-A’s chicken tortilla soup - YUM.

JEERS for Miley Cyrus’s (continual) tongue
display.  (Disgusting)

CHEERS for Central/Jackson Road and Cheek-Sparger Rd in Colleyville making a roundabout!

JEERS for some of the lewdness on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.   (I record it - and then am reminded that it’s not worth the filth.... so I delete it.)
(I know: I’m a prude.)

And CHEERS for the new light at L.D. Lockett and Precinct Line Road!

 And CHEERS to Victoria Maxwell... who turned 18 Sunday....
She's Laura's sister-in-law.... and she is lovely.
(From left: my daughter Laura, her husband Ryan, Ryan's sister Victoria,
Ryan's brother Zach, and Ryan's cousin Angela)

They are all lovely people... and worthy of CHEERS!!

So CHEERS are good
JEERS are bad.


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Laura said...

Thanks for the clarification at the bottom ;) Good picture! Glad you came!

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