Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dog gone it... I do love him.

I can see why people don't have pets.
They can be a bother.
And they do crazy stuff sometimes ... even when they're house-trained!!!

Last week I caught our beloved Shiloh marking his territory in our den!
Sam had suspected it. 
Then I witnessed it with my own eyes when Shiloh thought I was cooking breakfast!

Shiloh had already done it in Sam's study. 
So we started leaving Sam's study door closed at all times.
(Our den doesn't have a door, except to the outside.)

We had enjoyed Shiloh being an outdoor AND indoor dog, even if he is big and can be clumsy. 
But this marking business made me want to put him in the want ads. 

Ah, but then I found out the truth...
He was protecting us!

A while back we had the critter specialist from ORKIN come check our attic because we had heard squirrels, or mice or rats up there.   The ORKIN fella thought he had solved that problem.

Then we started hearing them again, critters running around above our heads - in the den and in Sam's study (where there's no second floor above us). 
And that's when Shiloh started trying to help us, the ORKIN man said.  Shiloh could hear them, too, and didn't want them to come down and invade us. 
Sweet dog.
Loyal and protective.
What's not to love?

I made this header a while back for my blog....
I think the picture he likes the most is the one on the right with Laura.
It would fit this....

By the way, we got him at the North Richland Hills animal shelter about 9 years ago, and they told us then he was 4 months old.   So he's getting 'on up there' in age.

The animal shelter said he was a Husky-mix.  Sam thinks he's mainly Malamute.  Others have suggested Akita.    Do you have a suggestion?   (I just think he's beautiful.)

In closing here are some dog cartoons I like....

That's all for now.
Thanks for reading my blog.

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Laura said...

Love our dogs! And sometime very much don't. That's interested about Shiloh protecting you.

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