Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Even more party pics.... with rough-housing allowed...

This picture (from Saturday night) speaks for itself....
You may notice that basket of little notes.
It had questions we each asked....
like "What part of nature do you find beautiful?"
Cap said "Trees."  
Well, he lives in Midland, so that would explain that.

Andrew was asked, "Which season of the year do you like best and why?"
He answered, "Summer, because of swimming!"

Caroline's question was, "What is your least favorite color?"
Without hesitation she said, "Pink."
 I thought that she had misunderstood the question.
Her mother whispered in my ear, 
"She's so over pink. She's into purple now."

So we had fun with all the simple questions.

And we had fun in general.

Here are some more party pics...

And finally, near the end of the party,
some rough-housing in the den....
with Uncle Cap...
I should have taken a video!

(Hmm. 'Rough-housing' is an interesting term.)

There's nothing like having a fun uncle!
(I've had one.... or a few ...  I could tell you about.)
In closing, here is the family picture, in case you missed it....

And here are some posters I like....

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