Monday, February 3, 2014

It's a cold Monday morning...

... but I have some good things to tell you about....

The Huffmans* gave me a beautiful orchid for my birthday (January 7).
I put it in the living room, but thought that maybe it wouldn't get enough light.
Ah, but when I went into the living room last week - early in the morning - I saw that it DOES get enough light!..

Isn't it beautiful?

And Elizabeth was right: it takes minimal care.
I just put a couple of ice cubes in the pot every 2 or 3 days.

I really like easy-care anything,
especially beautifully living things. 

Thank you, Elizabeth.

*The Huffmans are my dear niece (Peggy's beautiful daughter) and her family (husband John, and children: Caroline (age 7), Andrew (age 5) and Anna (age 3).
[They make my heart so happy... just thinking about them.]


On a different note....
Mother's retirement community has a special resident.
His name is Marvin...
and for the last few years
he's bought Girl Scout cookies
from his granddaughter ... 
for every Parkwood resident.

Here's the activity director, Amy, handing out the boxes in the lunch room....
No, that's not Marvin who's picking out his cookies.

Here's Marvin on the right, with Amy next to him...
He accompanied the ladies to the tea room last fall,
helping them in and out of the van,
and just being their male chaperone.
(I took that picture, near the piano.)

And yes, he bought 170 boxes of all kinds of Girl Scout Cookies
from his granddaughter ....for Amy to hand out at Parkwood.

[He's one of my favorite Parkwood people, of course.]

Mother picked out the peanut butter sandwich cookie,
 which is my favorite, too.

Which is YOUR favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

In closing, here are two cartoons I like....

Ha. I like that one.

That's all.
Have a happy Monday.


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Oh no! I think your blog ate my comment! I LOVE orchids... they are my favorite and I'm so excited to see your little blooms!!

I'm a sucker for Girl Scout cookies... and I definitely bought my fair share this year... I love do-si-dos... and thin mints... but my favorites was Juliette's. I keep hoping they will bring those back. Mmmm... I was quite the Girl Scout cookie seller in my day... but I'm content to eat them now!

Nancy said...

Love your comment, sweet Sara!!

Lordy Lordy, Look Who's Forty!!!

It's Cap!!! His mother was my identical twin, so he is MORE than a nephew to me. And he was (is) the first grandchild of my parents (and...