Monday, February 10, 2014

Snapshots, plus a snippet from the Peggy book....

I took some random pictures recently ... and well, I like them... so here are a few.....
That's my view in the tea room -
at LoneStar Antiques.
(5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, TX)

They changed up the look in the middle of the tea room..
which explains why I've been wanting to play
"Surrey With the Fringe on Top"
from the musical OKLAHOMA.

Here's a completely different picture....
Shiloh loves to be close by when I fry bacon.
The grease that splatters on the floor is his delight.

Here's another completely different picture...
Laura had that sign up in her art classroom.
I love it.

Here's another sign she had up...
I think that is great.

And I want this princess to remain an artist ALL of her life....
I took that picture when she was in my arms Friday night.
It took raising my right hand way up high
to capture that sleeping beauty.

(I cannot NOT have my camera ready when I'm with her sweetness.)

In closing I'm going to share a bit of the book I'm writing about being a twin to Peggy....

[Through the years I thought we didn't look identical,
but sometimes I proved myself wrong.]

Here's the snippet....

The first time I guess that I realized we might look alike was when we were about five years old.  We needed to pick out Christmas presents for each other.  Mother and Daddy took us to a department store, or maybe a ‘five and ten’, as they used to call them, and we divided up.  I went shopping with Mother as Peggy went with Daddy.  
I was picking out a gift she would really like when all of a sudden, at that very moment, I saw her!
“Oh no!  She’s going to see what I’m getting for her!  We have to hide it!”   
It was indeed a panic moment. 
"Ha." Mother said, “Nancy, that’s a mirror.  That’s YOU, you’re seeing!”      

That was a telling event there.  It told me that, yes, maybe we did look a little alike.

That's all for now.

(I'm thinking if I add snippets every now and then to this blog,
well, it will encourage me to GET THE BOOK DONE!)


Myra B said...

Such an incite!

Laura said...

i like that story, it's funny

Pat said...

Nell is absolutely Beautiful!!! I can see why you must have your camera handy at all times.

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