Monday, March 31, 2014


The other day I was in the tea room.... and I started to need SILENCE....

'Course I was playing the piano, and that would tell you there was no silence.
But still, I was needing it.

Every so often there is this super-talkative, loud lady that comes into the tea room.
Usually with her entourage.
The other day there were six in all.
And they were seated right in front of the piano.

The minute I saw her come in I thought these words: 
But then I thought,

(So here we are.)

No, I didn't record her talking,
but I did have to work at detaching from her voice, which was constant.
(So I quit playing and walked around for a bit).  

I would say she's about 45-ish, and should know better...
... than to talk loudly and all the time...
... and never let anyone else get a word in edge-wise.

I guess I was needing to vent about it.

Well, I can be a motor-mouth myself on occasion (as many of you know),
and need to be reminded to be quiet,
and listen to others.

Yesterday, she reminded me.

And these 'posters' remind me, too.

 And there's this T-shirt....

Oh, and I really need this ....

Some of you are wondering why I'm posting about this on my blog, when I have lots of other material pertaining to a big trip that I could blog about.

That's going to wait till I return.

And I have lots of other blog material in my head. .... so when I get free Wi-Fi .... you can read my mind!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ryan.... and Nell.... and a gorgeous day!

Ryan's back!!!
He was in Ethiopia for a whole month.... on a medical mission trip.
And he flew home yesterday morning!

I took a few pictures....
This last picture is of him giving us some coffee beans from Ethiopia!
They smell so good.
I can hardly wait to taste them.

I'm thinking Ryan is taking a nap about now.....

..... which is what my granddaughter was doing this afternoon,
when her parents came to see us.

Then she woke up
and she and I played
and I fed her
and well, she was her darling self.....
... as you can see.

In other news,
today is a gorgeous day!

And I'm in a super good mood.

And soon I'm going on a super good trip,
and I am not stressed about what to pack.

I do believe I am maturing in my old(er) age.

What to pack means what-to-wear
when I'm there.
(wherever there is).

I have perfectionistic tendencies
and they show themselves big time
when I'm getting ready for a big trip.

So the fact I'm chilling now

And here's proof you can find cartoons about packing on Google....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

This just in....

Soon we'll be taking a big trip on British Airways....
.... but I'm not going to blog about it- or Facebook it, until the trip is over, okay?

I know: you think I won't be able to help myself.

Ah, but I'm not saying I'm not going to blog.... just not about the trip - yet.
(I deleted a previous post about it, in fact.)
(There are various reasons for this.)

There's lots of other stuff to blog about, though...

... like my super smart granddaughter...
 (She'll be five months old soon.)
(She's growing so fast.)

And my son-in-law returning Saturday from a medical trip to Ethiopia.....
That's him in Ethiopia.
(I can't wait to hear all about his trip.)

.....oh and I can blog about Baylor and March Madness!
Hopefully they'll win the whole madness thing.
(So they (we) won't be mad.)

You can click HERE for a great article about the Baylor Bears...
which tells you they won't be too mad (if they lose)(which they won't).

In other news,
little Anna (my great niece)
has started taking swimming lessons!
I got to go with her the very first day.
(It's an indoor pool.)
When she got through with her class she ran up to me and yelled,
"I did it!  I did it!"
And she did!
She started to learn to swim like a pro!
That reminds me of Mrs. Walsh and the Fontana Motor Hotel pool in Mission, TX.
 She taught Peggy and me -and many others - to swim there.
Some of those folks will be joining me
on July 26th at Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant
in north Fort Worth, near the Stockyards
for a reunion!!!
I'm inviting every person near my age who lived in Mission when I did.
My goal: to eat at my favorite restaurant in the Metroplex
with some of my hometown folks.

Notice I said, 'my favorite restaurant in the Metroplex'.
My favorite restaurant of all time anywhere
was the PALMETTO INN in McAllen (five miles east of Mission).
Sadly it no longer exists.
I looked online for a picture and I found this....
The caption read "Waitresses at Palmetto Inn's South Padre Island location."
Oh, and I found this:
The caption read: "#10 Mexican dinner at Palmetto Inn — "The Hangover Cure."
Wow. What a great hangover cure!
I found those pictures in a great article from 2008 in the HOUSTON PRESS called

And yes, I would call Palmetto Inn a 'temple of Tex-Mex!

(The article also talked about El Fenix!)

That's it for now.

Have a great day.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


At Bear Valley Church this morning (where I teach ESL at 9:30- and then go to the 11:15 service) there was wonderfulness happening.

First, my ESL class went great (no little thanks to Velia Buchanan and Laura Smith, oh, and Peggy Johnson, our fearless leader.... oh, and ROBERTO!!!).

Then the church service was awesome.
Roger Burk led the worship service (filling in for the amazing Kim Wells, who just had a baby (a son, who has four older sisters!).

Well, I had forgotten how good Roger is ....

He sings well, he leads worship well, AND he can play a GREAT lead guitar.....
Oh my. I was looking around to see who was playing lead..... and it was Roger!
(So I had to take his picture.)
And I remembered how Sam had always said that Roger can play a mean lead guitar
(while still being a very nice person).


I knew it would be good.
But Julia hit-it-out-of-the-park good!

She's Julia Johnson Bauman...
and she spoke on Esther, in the Old Testament.

I've never understood Esther better - than I do this afternoon.

I hope you can take the time to hear her message
on Bear Valley's website soon
(hopefully it will be up soon). 

I don't know if I've ever heard a better sermon in my life.

(No pressure, Julia, for the next one!)

Here's Julia with her wonderful husband, Kyle....
 (I stole that from Facebook.)

And here she is with my wonderful daughter, Laura....

And before that here she is (was) with Laura and me,
on Laura's wedding day....

I was kind of emotional that day....

Well, this started out as a post about the wonderful day at Bear Valley.
It ended up with me.

(Well, it IS my blog.)

Ah, but Julia, as your grandmother (Mrs. Graves) said this morning:
"You were right at home up on that stage today."

Thank you, Julia, for letting God use you in mighty ways.


Mm. Mm. Mm.

Friday, March 21, 2014


[This blog post is dedicated to hair.]

I used to color my own hair, then I got it done professionally - when I wanted highlights....
I had Marti take that picture (a few years ago).
I guess I wanted to commemorate the moment....
(and the money and the time).

Here's Marti doing something to the gray roots months (years?) later ...
(Doesn't everyone take pictures at the beauty shop?)


Well, now I'm coming to terms with my age, and tired of having the skunk look...

kind of like this....

So the other day Marti cut most of my color off (well, almost all)... so we had to take a picture....
Now I'm almost color free,
which means I'm gray.

It feels good.

As you know I've been writing about being a twin, and then her cancer, and death, etc.
It's been good for me.

And I've looked through old pictures.
I usually can tell us apart,
but not in these pictures....
I'm glad Mother took those before-and-after pictures.

Oh, here's one of Peggy years later....
(We'd call that multi-tasking today.)

And here is her daughter years later helping her cousin (my daughter)....

And then here's my daughter years later with her husband ..

and then later....

 Someone out there is wearing her hair today.

That's a great thought.

(I guess sometimes what goes around comes around.)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Music points to a Creator!

I agree with that statement.....
and I found an article that agrees with me!

This article (actually it's a blog post) has links to many other articles.... so it is a plethora of information on the subject.... and it deals quite a bit with The Beatles!

And PSYCHOLOGY TODAY has an article I love, "Music as Medicine, Songs as Solace".  It's in the Creativity Cure column by Carrie Barron, M.D.    Well, just the phrase 'Creativity Cure' made me want to see what else there was there.  Barron's most recent article is called "The Slavery of Speed, the Pleasure of Slowness".
Needless to say, I've bookmarked her column/blog.

Back to thinking about music: I like it.   Well, sometimes I don't.  This may seem odd to you, but at church when there are lots of choruses sung one after another after another, with the same words repeated and repeated, well no matter how nice the melody may be, I just want the happy-faced people on the stage to wind it up (or down), and stop.
(There I said it.)

Ah, but sometimes the 'praise and worship' time (as it is sometimes called) is glorious to me.
This past Sunday it was.
Church Chix led the worship at Bear Valley.... and their music and their words in between songs were wonderful.

Here they are (were) before the service....

And here are Janet and I....
We go way back.
We were in a singing group back in the early seventies at Baylor!
We were called CATCH THE SON!

Anyway, Janet is now singing and playing keyboard with the Church Chix.
She also is a fantastic speaker and does women's retreats, etc.

Oh, and Jan is the drummer for Church Chix
and a fantastic soloist (and harmonizer).
She's on the music team at Bear Valley.
Here's her Facebook profile pic...
Whenever Jan's around, you're going to have fun.

You can click HERE to go to the Church Chix website.
In closing, here are two music cartoons I like...

Have a great Tuesday.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fun... No: LOTS OF FUN!!!

We started out Friday morning with donuts...
(which is the best spring break breakfast there is)....

Then we went to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science....

... which is the weird-looking building in Dallas.....

... and inside it's fascinating....
(That's Elizabeth pointing upward.)

....and there were lots of fun things to do...

Then afterwards we went to the downtown El Fenix....

... did I say SUPER YUM?.....

... then we traveled to Laura's house in east Dallas...
where she and Ryan raise chickens!.....

...who lay eggs!....

Laura and Ryan have a wonderful backyard... 
for their chickens and dogs... 
and visitors....

... and Anna got her own egg....
How great....

... and we enjoyed just being outside with the animals,
and nature, 
and each other...

...and now we have the memories to ENJOY!!

So I'm reliving Friday on this Saturday night...

... and I'm smiling.

Life is so good.

Here's who you need to know...

My nephew-in-law ... he is the amazing John Huffman. And he is running for Mayor of Southlake, TX!!    John is married to my dear twin Pegg...