Saturday, March 8, 2014

Baboons ...

in Ethiopia, Africa ....
.. like stray dogs in some countries (dogs in the US have to be 'contained'), baboons wonder around in Langano, Ethiopia.
I think they look like this....
... according to all-knowing Wikipedia.
(They're the Gelada baboons that live in Ethiopia.)

My son-in-law is in Ethiopia on a medical mission trip for one month.

We have some t-shirts to support him...

And here is a map....

And here is his wife's drawing of it....
(By the way, his wife is my daughter.)

Ryan and Laura met at the World Hunger Relief Farm near Waco, Texas.

Who knew that our daughter would be into saving the world?


When I was a student at Baylor University (1970-1974)
I dated a fella who wanted to be a missionary in South America.
I did not.
We broke up.

Years later I met Sam.
I was older... and wiser...
and wanted to go to South America...with Sam,
because I loved him
and was thrilled he wanted to marry me.

Long story short....
We got married.
We went to Brazil.

Years later we had Will and Laura
(after thinking we couldn't have children of our own)
our son-in-law is in Africa...
doing medical mission work.


I am amazed at how God works his works.

Don't try to analyze everything.

Don't try to overthink everything.

Trust God.

Just do it.

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laura said...

baboons...that gives me an idea for a new drawing challenge...

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