Thursday, March 6, 2014

Irish tunes... and then some pot roast...

I'm playing in the tea room today (and tomorrow and Saturday)... and found (in my stack of stuff) an appropriate song book for March....
 I don't have a lot of green clothes to wear, but I do have some. 
One year I got a (little) bruise on St. Patrick's Day from a pinch.
Never again.

[By the way, I try and update my playing schedule in the tea room every two weeks
on my website]

In other, completely different news.... 
here's something I promised a while back.
Finally I'm delivering...

Here's my easy crock pot pot roast recipe...
(Yes, many of you know this, but some of you don't.)
You get chuck roast, or rump roast....
Unwrap it, put it in the crock pot, pour a packet of dry onion soup mix on it, then spoon out the cream of mushroom soup onto that.
 Add no water, no salt... nothing.

Cook on low for 8-10 hours.

When it's ready, put the roast on a plate and pour the juice (gravy) into a sauce pan with some corn starch (say 2 teaspoons) mixed with water (say 6 oz.) into the gravy and let it heat.  The corn starch/water mix thickens the gravy just right.
The gravy tastes great on mashed potatoes.

If I'm too lazy to mash potatoes, I like Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes.

(A container serves 5 people.)
(Or 2 or 3 ravenous people)

Then I open up a can of green beans, add a little butter or bacon grease to it, heat in a pan... and voila!
Supper. ... or Dinner... or Lunch!

I've even made this pot roast for the sole purpose of serving it as hot roast beef sandwiches.  (I cut up the roast, pour it into the gravy and heat all that up together, and put on bread.)
Sam really likes that.

I've also served my famous broccoli cheese casserole with this pot roast (or at Thanksgiving, or whenever)- and it gets rave reviews.
I will have to share that recipe - that I got from twin-Peggy decades ago - soon.   It's pretty easy, too.

I've always liked easy recipes.   They usually don't contain the healthiest ingredients, I admit.
As my precious twin said years ago, "What's good isn't always good." 
I'll have another snippet of the book soon - that I'm writing about growing up as Peggy's twin.

As I write it, I realize more and more how blessed I was to grow up with her.
She taught me lots of lessons in life.... and I'm still learning from her - as I write.
Oh yes.

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