Monday, March 3, 2014

March comes in like a winter.

 I want to tell Al Gore
that he has some 'splainin' to do.

but the global-warming folks
are calling themselves
'climate-change folks'...
so no embarrassment there.

Me, I'm ready to paint my toenails and get out my flip flops.

There are some cute cartoons about spring coming, but so far they are just cartoons.

Oh wait.  Last week it did feel like spring.
So this one will do....
Ah. Lovely.

In other news,
I didn't watch The Academy Awards last night, but recorded them.
I started watching them when I was making breakfast.

Years ago I told Sam that it would be nice
to have a little TV in the kitchen area.
I know, that's a splurge.
It sure enhances my cooking abilities, though. (smile)

About the Oscars: we watched 12 YEARS A SLAVE yesterday afternoon,
and were so glad it won Best Picture.

In other news...
I just got an email that Ryan made it to Ethiopia
on his month-long medical mission.... 
so I'll be blogging about that soon!

In case you missed it,
here is my newest favorite picture of my granddaughter,
and her dad, my son....
As one of my high school friends (Dora Elia) said on Facebook,
"Sweetie Pie!!!! She looks like she is planning something!"

In closing, here's a quote I like....
By being yourself,
you put something wonderful in the world
that was not there before.
 -- Edwin Elliot

I love that Nell is being herself!


Stay warm.

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Anonymous said...

But each decade has been progressively warmer than the last, despite the bouts of icy cold we've been recently getting in the US... America is just one part of the earth, and we often have unseasonably warm weather in the winter anyway! (like two days ago)


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