Monday, March 31, 2014


The other day I was in the tea room.... and I started to need SILENCE....

'Course I was playing the piano, and that would tell you there was no silence.
But still, I was needing it.

Every so often there is this super-talkative, loud lady that comes into the tea room.
Usually with her entourage.
The other day there were six in all.
And they were seated right in front of the piano.

The minute I saw her come in I thought these words: 
But then I thought,

(So here we are.)

No, I didn't record her talking,
but I did have to work at detaching from her voice, which was constant.
(So I quit playing and walked around for a bit).  

I would say she's about 45-ish, and should know better...
... than to talk loudly and all the time...
... and never let anyone else get a word in edge-wise.

I guess I was needing to vent about it.

Well, I can be a motor-mouth myself on occasion (as many of you know),
and need to be reminded to be quiet,
and listen to others.

Yesterday, she reminded me.

And these 'posters' remind me, too.

 And there's this T-shirt....

Oh, and I really need this ....

Some of you are wondering why I'm posting about this on my blog, when I have lots of other material pertaining to a big trip that I could blog about.

That's going to wait till I return.

And I have lots of other blog material in my head. .... so when I get free Wi-Fi .... you can read my mind!

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