Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ryan.... and Nell.... and a gorgeous day!

Ryan's back!!!
He was in Ethiopia for a whole month.... on a medical mission trip.
And he flew home yesterday morning!

I took a few pictures....
This last picture is of him giving us some coffee beans from Ethiopia!
They smell so good.
I can hardly wait to taste them.

I'm thinking Ryan is taking a nap about now.....

..... which is what my granddaughter was doing this afternoon,
when her parents came to see us.

Then she woke up
and she and I played
and I fed her
and well, she was her darling self.....
... as you can see.

In other news,
today is a gorgeous day!

And I'm in a super good mood.

And soon I'm going on a super good trip,
and I am not stressed about what to pack.

I do believe I am maturing in my old(er) age.

What to pack means what-to-wear
when I'm there.
(wherever there is).

I have perfectionistic tendencies
and they show themselves big time
when I'm getting ready for a big trip.

So the fact I'm chilling now

And here's proof you can find cartoons about packing on Google....

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