Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sweet dogs...

I went to see my granddogs yesterday in east Dallas....

That's Akon, guarding his bone... from Olive...
Well, I think the bone is safe; they're just relaxing. 

Actually, I went to see my daughter yesterday, because I thought she had the flu, and, well, was needing her mother.  
 Fortunately, her fever is gone, and she's back to school today.  :)

And yesterday after I left, she walked the dogs....
 I got that picture from her recent Facebook post, with the caption:
"We're ready, what's the hold up!? Why are you looking at your phone?!"

Olive - the dog in the middle - looks so calm there and in the other picture.
Ah, but she can be one wired-up, needy dog, who,
when she wags her tail
she does it with her whole body.

Well, 'wired-up, needy' sounds negative.
It's actually wonderful...
She greets me (and anybody, I think, but hopefully especially me)
with such exuberance that I can't help but feel excited
about being there with her....
me in her presence and she in mine.

And when I quit petting her, she will not have it!
I must pet her some more!
So I do...
and then some more!!

It's like that with grandkids.
You just keep spoiling them....
and then you give them back to their parents.

Ah, but with my own dog I'm not into that kind of spoiling.
Well, who am I kidding?
 He's my lovey-lovey.
It would seem I don't have much to blog about today.
There's so much going on in my mind, though:
- a dear friend has been diagnosed with cancer.
 - a dear couple we know divorced - and we are stunned.
- a friend died suddenly of a heart attack two weeks ago.
- an Oklahoma friend is undergoing major surgery tomorrow.
... and more sadness/badness.

And our dear son-in-law is on a medical mission trip in Africa.
Please pray for him and his team's safety, health and effectiveness in their mission.

Thank you.

And pet your dog or cat - 
or go get one at the animal shelter.

They're good for the soul.

Here are some more dog cartoons I like....

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laura said...

Yes, they are wonderful, needy, comforting friends--our dogs. Thanks for being with me yesterday! Glad it wasn't the flu!

And i think you should label me in this post also, since you mention me (i'm trying to keep my name big).

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