Saturday, March 1, 2014

Two very different topics: Sam in his robe, and me playing Beatles...

Last night we went to a special inauguration...
and Sam got to wear his doctoral robe....
(I had to take a picture.)

It was the inauguration of Gene Wilkes

Gene was a Baylor friend, and we're so proud of him.
 That's a picture of him before he got a lot of a few gray hairs.

Here's a picture I took last night of the event when Sam was marching in
(with the rest of the fellows, and faculty)....
It was all very impressive.
(It was at the First Baptist Church of Arlington, TX.)

Here is a picture of me with Mrs. Minette Drumwright Pratt,
whom I got to sit next to at the dinner before the inauguration.....
She has always been the most gracious lady.
I tell about her and Dr. Drumwright in a recent blog post.

By the way, it is with the Carroll Institute
that we're going to Chengdu, China in April, 
where Sam will teach some Bible courses
and I will get to do some ESL work.
We're excited.

Here's other news....
 I played a lot of Beatles' tunes in the tea room this week,
seeing as it's the 50 year reunion of them coming to America.

 I can vividly remember, as a twelve-year-old,
seeing a picture like that in LIFE magazine,
and thinking their hair looked so funny.

And I can remember that I chose George as my favorite
(since most girls liked Paul).
and Peggy chose John as her favorite
(since most girls liked Paul).

(We didn't want to conform.)

In closing, I happened to find this funny picture... 
that is more-or-less one of their songs.

(That made me smile.)


(I'll blog soon about my son-in-law in Ethiopia.)
(Stay tuned.)


Have a good weekend.

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