Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Here's some whimsy on Wednesday....

That's Lita with her (and my and Robin's) granddaughter Nell.

Lita knows how to make Nell happy....

I can remember my Granddaddy Earl tickling our toes.  
We would just giggle and giggle.

In other news, in the tea room I've been playing "Let It Go" from FROZEN....
I got the music from MUSICNOTES.COM.
It's a gold mine of music.

I have yet to see the movie FROZEN.
(I know. You can't believe it.)
But I will... with the Huffman kids soon.
They know all the words to "Let It Go".
They sing it with gusto!
(They did in the car one day a while back.  I was so impressed.)

In other news,
LoneStar Antiques is looking like spring and summer.

And you can eat in the tea room at LoneStar,
where these people might serve you....
(That's Jacob, Shandell, and Emily.)
(Emily likes me to play all things Disney.)
(She also likes me to play hymns and praise songs.)
(She hugs me when I do.)

Life is good.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Live and learn... about dogs...

We have a dear dog....
(This picture was taken last week.)

... and usually when it starts to get hot we have him get a haircut....
(This picture was taken three years ago.)

Well, last fall Sam read about what we've been doing to Shiloh... 
and how it's not right!

The animal shelter called him a  'Husky-Mix'...
and well, even if we didn't know that,
we'd know that he was made for colder temperatures than Texas has.
Surely we'd want him to be comfortable in our summer heat.

Our intentions were great.

Then we found out that dogs don't need their hair cut.
They perspire by panting...not by their skin sweating. 

Also, we found out that the older a dog gets,
the slower it takes for him to grow his hair back.
(Shiloh is about 10 years old now.)

Here's a picture I took this morning of his back,
where a patch of hair still hasn't grown in since early last June.

So this summer we're letting Shiloh keep his hair.

And he should be happier.
(He looks pathetic in that second picture.)

I just thought I'd blog this... in case it helps anyone.

In closing, here is some trivia I found about dogs.

The second fact is something new I learned
(and contradicts something I wrote earlier).

1. The most popular name for a dog is Max.

2. Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not sweat by salivating.
They sweat through the pads of their feet. 

3. An estimated 1 million dogs in the United States
have been named the primary beneficiary in their owner's will.

4.The dachshund is one of the oldest dog breeds in history
(dating back to ancient Egypt).
The name comes from one of its earliest uses - hunting badgers.
In German, Dachs means "badger," Hund is "hound."

5. Scientists have discovered that dogs
can smell the presence of cancer in humans.

6. The name of the dog from "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" is Max.

7.Chihuahuas are named for the region of Mexico
where they were first discovered in the mid-19th century.

8. Most pet owners (96 percent) say their pet makes them smile
more than once a day.

9. Shiloh makes me smile many times a day.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm back in full swing...


This coming week I'm back playing in the tea room at LoneStar Antiques

And working on my book about my twin Peggy,
and will hopefully finish it soon,
so that my proofreaders,
Elizabeth and Bailey, 
can have at it.


My jet lag is gone.
Well, at least I can't use it as an excuse anymore.
(This is proof that you can find cartoons on the internet about anything.)

I'll also start getting back into shape.

I thought I'd lose weight on our trip to China,
what with not being adept at chopsticks.

And I thought I wouldn't like authentic Chinese food.

Wrong on both counts.
I loved (most of) the food.
And I used my cheat chopsticks Bailey gave me.
And sometimes I used a fork.

I found at the first meal I ate in China (with just regular chopsticks)
that I was too tired and too hungry
to enjoy my meals if I had to work at eating them.

So now it's diet and gym time.

It doesn't help weight-wise, though, to find fun new eateries around here.

Like Friday night,
Will, Bailey, Nell, Sam and I
met Laura and Ryan 
in Dallas
It's a Spanish tapas place
and it's part of a new thing in Dallas,

Here are some pictures of us there....

And though we mainly ate the little tapas,
we also had their special,
sea bass.

I took its picture...
It was good.
(But expensive,
but worth it one time.)

The tapas were great.

I didn't take their pictures,
but here's a few I got online....
 I don't know what that is....
or this...

but we had the octopus, quail, mushrooms, and lamb ribs tapas.

They were all really good.

And maybe this will impress you...
my favorite were the octopus tapas!

They looked something like this...
The nice thing about getting older
is that I'm willing to try new stuff.

(What's the worst it could do?
Kill me?)

Friday, April 25, 2014

I think I remember last weekend...

I was still suffering from jet lag, which is like being sleepy during the day, and awake at night - and feeling yucky as well.  I guess that's what a 13 hour time change will do to you (me).

I'm glad I took some pictures!

Here we go!...
That's precious Anna.

She went to two (at least) Easter Egg Hunts last weekend.

Here she's telling her great grandmother about her treasures she found there.

I like this picture...

Here's Caroline making the porch look beautiful....

Here's another picture I like....
That's my dear niece with her grandmother (my mom).

(You may have seen some of these pictures already on Facebook.)

Here's Elizabeth 'capturing' the run for the eggs....
That's a great backyard, huh?

And here are Elizabeth's mother-in-law and father-in-law,
Rick and Susan,
holding beautiful Clara....
Clara is John's oldest brother's little girl.

Speaking of little girls,
you know I couldn't go without showing you my granddaughter...
and her two good-looking parents...

Oh, and here's our nephew Rob and his family on Easter....
What a beautiful family!
(I got that picture from Facebook, with Rob's permission.)

Tonight we're meeting up with Laura and Ryan in Dallas,
and Ryan will tell us about his Ethiopia medical mission trip,
and we'll tell them about our China trip.
And I have a feeling 'jet lag' will be discussed.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Random Photos from China... and a Few Facts..... plus a Preview.

Chinese children are adorable!

Here's another adorable child...
... in a meat market.

Here's a fellow dog-lover...
... like myself.

Here's a beauty salon...
 ... near our hotel.

Here's a heavy load...
 We saw many men with large loads,
but this was one of the largest.

Here are some folks ready for their ESL class.
 This was the third level class.
There were (are) two others: the alphabet class, and a second level class.
(I'm so impressed with them wanting to learn English.
English is SO different than Chinese.)

And here Bill (who knows Chinese!) is getting ready for the third level English class...

And here are the questions he wrote later, for them to ask me....
I answered those questions.

When I said I had a 5-month-old granddaughter,
they asked, "Well, who's taking care of her NOW?"
(In China grandmothers take care of grandchildren - 
well, here we do, too, just not every minute.)

Here we are at a very nice restaurant with some students, who wanted to treat us....
Here's what we ate....
It was delicious.
(Well, most of it.)

And I liked how our tablecloth was also used as a napkin!..
Very clever.

Different note: Sam went out one afternoon and took some random pictures...
A father and son.
(Sam got permission to take lots of these pictures (like the first one).)

About 90% of Chinese men smoke cigarettes.
They can smoke anywhere, except in elevators,
though we were in an elevator with a man smoking!

That and the smog...
can't be good for Chinese lungs!

But many do get good exercise...

I have more pictures, 
but I want you to enjoy my blog,
not just endure it.

I WILL leave you with some interesting facts I got on this website....

China uses 45 billion chopsticks per year! 

Facebook, Twitter, and THE NEW YORK TIMES  have been blocked in China since 2009.

The world's first paper money was created in China 1,400 years ago.

The sunrise in parts of China can be as late as 10:00 AM
because the country joined its five time zones into one!

Fortune cookies were invented in SAN FRANSISCO, (CALIFORNIA) in the early 1900's.


My next blog post will probably not be about China
(unless I change my mind
- because I love China).

It will probably be about last weekend.

Here's are two preview pictures...

Stay tuned!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Chinese hotel... a temple... our wonderful hosts... and humor...

(In case you're new here, we got back last Tuesday night ... from Chengdu, China.)
(Yes. China!)

Here's a picture from our hotel room. (We were on the sixth (of eight) floors.)...

Our hotel was VERY nice.
Well, here's the restaurant where we ate breakfast every morning...
Here's what Sam wrote about it (in an e-mail to some of you)...
Breakfast for two, our hotel dining room. Each morning begins here where we are served a wide assortment of foods. Very good breakfast. The castle in the background is of an ancient Tibetan Holy City built in the mountains, about 10,000 feets. Over 600,000 people live there.

I didn't take a picture of our hotel room (should have), but it was very nice.   Very nice.... and just one and a half blocks from the church where Sam taught his classes....


The day before classes started, we got to spend most of the afternoon touring an active Taoist Temple (pronounced Daoist). It was huge... with many more buildings than this one...

You can click this next picture - to see it bigger - so as to read it, if you want to...
(Well, I was thinking you could read it.)

Here are Abby and Hannah (their English names) who showed us around...

 We spent several hours with them (and our American hosts).
Sam wrote this about them (in an e-mail to some of you)...
They are both doctoral students from the local Chinese university.  Hannah, on the right, studies world religions and her dissertation is on Buddhism. Abby, on the left, studies Chinese Linguistics. One is a new believer and the other a new friend. Hannah spent most of the afternoon taking us through the Temple and explaining Taoism to us. This may have been the highlight of the trip for me. It gave me a great insight into the post graduate education in China.
Here are a few more pictures of the Temple area...


Here you can see the Americans who were with us, leading the way...

We cannot thank them enough - for taking care of us.

Here's what they emailed us just last night about yesterday (Easter Sunday), 
We just enjoyed a full Easter Sunday. In the morning, 66 people were baptized! After the afternoon concert by the choir, another dozen came forward to believe. One of those this afternoon was one of our English students! Praise God!
 Is that not WONDERFUL!??
Praise God indeed!!!

Here they are in their apartment....
That's a wall hanging their dear friend, whose English name is Lisa, gave them . 
(I wish I had written down what it meant.)

Here's Michelle at their apartment entrance....
 That's the 'shoe case' with their shoes, that they put on when they leave their place.

Here's the basket of slippers their visitors can wear when they enter the apartment....
 That's my shoe on the bottom right.

Thanks again, M&B, for taking care of us (down to our feet),
and making us feel so at home...
in this exotic, wonderful country
halfway around the world!!

In closing this post, there's this...
Sam was amazed at how the Chinese 'got' his humor.
He would say something funny (with his dry sense of humor), and they would just roar (first those who understood English, and then the others, after the translator translated.)
Wherever else he's taught, like in the U.S. and in Russia, the students often didn't 'get' the humor....
but the Chinese did!!!

Here we are with the gift the class gave us the last day...
Thank you, thank you!!!
I have a few more China pictures I want to share...
so stay tuned!

Here's who you need to know...

My nephew-in-law ... he is the amazing John Huffman. And he is running for Mayor of Southlake, TX!!    John is married to my dear twin Pegg...