Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm back in full swing...


This coming week I'm back playing in the tea room at LoneStar Antiques

And working on my book about my twin Peggy,
and will hopefully finish it soon,
so that my proofreaders,
Elizabeth and Bailey, 
can have at it.


My jet lag is gone.
Well, at least I can't use it as an excuse anymore.
(This is proof that you can find cartoons on the internet about anything.)

I'll also start getting back into shape.

I thought I'd lose weight on our trip to China,
what with not being adept at chopsticks.

And I thought I wouldn't like authentic Chinese food.

Wrong on both counts.
I loved (most of) the food.
And I used my cheat chopsticks Bailey gave me.
And sometimes I used a fork.

I found at the first meal I ate in China (with just regular chopsticks)
that I was too tired and too hungry
to enjoy my meals if I had to work at eating them.

So now it's diet and gym time.

It doesn't help weight-wise, though, to find fun new eateries around here.

Like Friday night,
Will, Bailey, Nell, Sam and I
met Laura and Ryan 
in Dallas
It's a Spanish tapas place
and it's part of a new thing in Dallas,

Here are some pictures of us there....

And though we mainly ate the little tapas,
we also had their special,
sea bass.

I took its picture...
It was good.
(But expensive,
but worth it one time.)

The tapas were great.

I didn't take their pictures,
but here's a few I got online....
 I don't know what that is....
or this...

but we had the octopus, quail, mushrooms, and lamb ribs tapas.

They were all really good.

And maybe this will impress you...
my favorite were the octopus tapas!

They looked something like this...
The nice thing about getting older
is that I'm willing to try new stuff.

(What's the worst it could do?
Kill me?)


Bobbie said...

Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. You have to stop eating those weird things! I hate to be a downer - but those dishes look really nasty! Well, the bass looks good! Before you know it, you'll be eating machitos like Juan Olivarez!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I love that you are writing a book... and yes, diet and exercise.. I keep thinking the same thing... but life gets in the way. In a good way. ;)

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