Saturday, April 19, 2014

No fortune cookies!

Before I tell you about the food we ate in China (because inquiring minds want to know (see comment on previous post by an inquiring mind)), let me say a hearty...


I'm thinking the Easter service at the Thanksgiving Church where we were in China will have a wonderful service.   We were there for their Palm Sunday service last Sunday, and it had me in tears (which was a wonderful thing).

Did you know that there are over 100 million Christians in China?!

And Easter is a major event all around the globe.
That is so wonderfully exciting!!!
Now back to my blog-post titled "No fortune cookies!"
There were no fortune cookies in China.  Or hot mustard packets, and the only place we had soy sauce was at a (delicious) dumpling restaurant.

Most of the food we ate there was delicious.  That's because the American couple with whom we worked always ordered for us... and they know what Americans like.

Ah, but we had a couple of times we ate with the Chinese and well, some of their selections wouldn't have been mine.

We went to a 'hot pot' place and here's what some of our Asian friends ordered - to cook in the hot pot....
That's squid... which, to me, tasted like rubber bands.

Here's stomach...
and here's more stomach...
 (I didn't partake.)

And here's intestines (I think)....
I didn't eat those either.

And I didn't eat any fish that day....

All of those pictures are of the food before it was cooked in the 'hot pot'
which you can see here....

The inner 'bowl' of hot oil was not nearly as spicy as the outer bowl.

Here's Grace serving me....

And here's our whole table... 

I DID have enough to eat that day...
like dough-wrapped shrimp (mm)
and lotus root
and several kinds of mushrooms.

And lots of Pepsi.

There's still more to tell,
but my washing machine just let me know
that it's time to put the clothes in the dryer.
Have a great Easter!


sara [at] journey of doing said...

I'm not sure about all this... but my stomach started growling when you mentioned a dumpling restaurant. Dumplings are my FAVORITE. All of them.

Nancy said...

Great comment, Sara!
Those dumplings were divine!!!

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