Saturday, May 3, 2014

All by myself...

I like to do things by myself.
Like go on road trips.... or spend the day doing stuff.... or just relaxing, with just me, myself and I.

But I had never been by myself to the cemetery in Colfax (in east Texas) where my dad and twin are buried.  (And my grandparents, great grand parents, etc., etc., - well, most of my dad's family).
It just happens I am always with family members at the cemetery.

Until yesterday.

It was a beautiful day to go.

Here's the scene looking out from Daddy and Peggy's sites.....

And here's Daddy's and Peggy's sites up close...

I was the only one in the cemetery yesterday morning.
I thought I might stay there a while,
and feel sad.

But I didn't.
(Stay there a while,
or feel sad.)

Daddy and Peggy weren't there.

Oh, my thoughts of them were there yesterday,
but it made me understand why some folks
never visit their loved ones' graves.

It's okay.
They're not there.

And yet, I will continue to go
and pay tribute.
Oh yes.

And even after 25 years of Peggy being gone,
it still seems strange to see her tombstone.

It still seems strange that she would even have a tombstone.

('Course now as I type this I'm feeling sad...
but that's good...
(because it's normal).

And it makes me want to finish my book on her ASAP...
so her children and grandchildren
can read about her wonderful self!

Well, did you know that her grandchildren
will be able to read about her as soon as I finish the book...
because they can read now!

Here's Caroline...
That was in 2012 - when she was just five.
(And she had been reading for a least a year and a half.)

And here's Andrew....
That was about year ago (when he was four.)

And here he is with his little sister Anna...
They get along so well
(well, most of the time).

And she's starting to read, too!

Peggy would be so proud.

Well, you (and I) never know how I'm going end my blog posts.

It was just going to be about me at the cemetery...
I couldn't resist putting Peggy's grandchildren on here.

(How could I resist????)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

I have trouble with that. Sometimes I want to go to Greenville. But then I go there... and I realize that Daddy's not there. So, I'm not sure why I went. Except that there's an amazing candy store with mini pecan praline pies that make it worth the trip. ;)

Bobbie said...

Is it ok if I feel sad? I feel sad each time I look at Peggy's beautiful children and the wonderful life they have made with their spouses. And, then I look at their children and think about what Peggy missed. It's not fair, is it? But, then I come back to reality and understand that this life is just the blink of an eye. God didn't intend for this to be a bed of roses. But, Heaven will be.

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