Friday, May 30, 2014

What are you looking at?

I posted this picture on Facebook yesterday as my Throwback Thursday token...

Do you see what they're looking at? 
It's not just the snow outside.
It's a little bird on the little birdhouse that's on top of a pole.
The little bird is eating some birdseed.
(That's Little Cap and Elizabeth sitting with their grandmother (my mom)
on the window seat in my parents' bedroom.)

I love that picture.
They weren't posing.
They were just watching a little bird eating.
I just love that.

Sometimes we just need to sit and watch a little bird.

We need to look away from our messes whatever they are.
We need to look around and see what is there.

Last week I babysat my dear granddaughter.
I finally got her to sleep as I held her in the rocking chair...
and then I managed to take her picture....
And I studied her little hands and arms and cheek,
well, her whole little self.
The contrast of her little hands and my old gnarly one
made me think of life and how I used to have hands like that.
'Course then my mind relived my children being little...
and well, I was smiling,
and forgetting about my old hand.

The mind is a wonderful thing.
It 'looks' at things.

And you can make it look at things.
You can turn your eyes away from worry and negative stuff.

Would that I would do that more often.

I love the hymn "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus".

I found this on YouTube...
Gary Chapman tells about the song and then sings it.

I really like this....

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Bobbie said...

Indeed it is a beautiful song. When feeling blue or hopeless, just look UP!

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