Friday, May 16, 2014

Wow-news.... and Peggy-book news...

My wonderful son-in-law graduates with his Master's Degree in Nursing from Baylor University today!!

Last night was the pinning ceremony in Dallas.
Ryan was chosen to get the Learn Lead Serve Award!
Sadly Sam nor I could be there for him!!!
Sam is really sick... and was a little sick still.
But we are so proud!

In other news...
I've been working on my Peggy-book lately,
with the intention of finishing it soon...
like in the next week!!

I do believe the finishing of a book is the hardest part.

And I do believe I'll put some pictures in it.

Here are two I found... of us in the second grade when we lived in Mississippi.
We had different teachers.
You can tell that Peggy's teacher knew how to redo a pony-tail.

I can vividly remember my teacher, Mrs. Jepson,
apologizing that she didn't know how to redo a pony-tail. 
She just had sons.

It really is amazing that I would let you see that picture of me.
(I've come a long way.)

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