Sunday, June 29, 2014

HORROR turns out not so horribly..... thankfully!

There was a horrible moment yesterday... when I thought I'd killed our beloved Shiloh!

Here he is in happier days...

Here he is today...

I was driving out of the drive, on my way to the tea room, when I heard a yelp. It was Shiloh!

He usually is in the way when we're coming or going... but he always gets out of the way... until yesterday.
I guess being over 10 years old makes him slower getting around.   Well, we've been knowing he's slower lately, but he's always been quick to move out of our traffic.

Sam tells me not to feel guilty... because I am not guilty.
But I feel bad... but thankfully not as bad as I could have felt. (He has no broken bones, but a hurt back right leg, and scrapes and bruises on his tummy.)

The pain medicine and inflammatory medicine are keeping him loopy.  He's been lying around and he has no appetite (for the first time in his life!).

For several years now it's just been the three of us around our house: Sam, Nancy and Shiloh.
We were made more aware of Shiloh's mortality yesterday.... which has made us appreciate him more today.

Here's a picture I like of him from years ago...
I'm hoping he'll be out there soon - with me - keeping cool.

I'll close with some dog cartoons, to cheer us up....

(Well, I think those helped cheer me up.)
(They were funnier before I hit Shiloh-pup.)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm on a MISSION!!

On Saturday, July 26, 2014,  there will be a fun gathering at Joe T. Garcia's (my most favorite eatery in the world) in Fort Worth for MISSIONITES!!!!

Mission is way down in south Texas...

Fort Worth is way up in north Texas....
... but lots of Missionites (including me) live in north Texas, or near north Texas... and/or can fly in from anywhere in the world to get here.

And if you've lived in Mission, Texas - particularly between 1960-1980 -(or whenever)...

Here's some info.... (that I'm copying and pasting from Facebook)....
I'm Nancy White Carmack, one of the White twins (class of '70).
On Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 7:00 I'm hosting a get-together at the famous Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant in Fort Worth..... and inviting everybody and anybody who lived in Mission and may have gone to schools there in the 50's, 60's and/or 70's. That maybe means YOU!!!!
The address of Joe T's is 2201 N Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76164. It is just south of the Stockyards in Fort Worth, off of Main Street.

The meal will cost $15.99, but that doesn't include drinks. Oh, and they are known for their wonderful margaritas... just so you know!!!!
Feel free to invite as many Mission folks as you can to join you. The room (La Puertita) holds 100 people, and that's how many meals I've ordered!!!!
Oh, and let me know if you can come... by Sunday night July 20th.
Thanks so much!!!!
(Those of you who have signed up on Facebook, or emailed me (and I've replied) YOU ARE ALREADY COUNTED.)
-Nancy White Carmack
cell phone: 817-300-5484
(You can find hotels near Joe T's by clicking HERE.) 

Soon I will be listing all who have signed up to come (whether by Facebook, email, or phone call). 
I hope YOU are one of those people! (if you're from Mission or married to someone from Mission)

Oh, and ...
I also am inviting you to lunch that day at the LoneStar Antique Mall Tea Room!
It's in Haltom City (just north east of Fort Worth).  The antique mall has over 200 dealers, with lots of good antiques, and other fun stuff.
(My mother and I have a booth there.)
And the tea room has wonderful food!
(I play background music in the tea room 3 to 4 days a week, but will be eating there on July 26th.)
I've reserved the party area (that holds about 30 folks).
Lunch will start at NOON  - and then you can shop shop shop, burning calories so you can eat at Joe T.'s that night.

(817) 300-5484
or leave a comment on FB.

I'm excited.... about the whole day.
Of course I'll be tired after it - since basically I'm an introvert (according to the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory), but I'm EXCITED!!!
And I can rest later!

Oh, and I feel sorry for you if you never got to live in Mission.   :(

In closing,
here's a poster I like... 
(You can see how it fits this blog post.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I wouldn't have appreciated home as much if I'd gotten home sooner.

 Our beach vacation was amazing... but the drive home was, well, okay... 
now that we're home!


 We watched 2 episodes of 24 last night.
We watched 2 episodes of Longmire.
So we're caught up.

I look forward to tickling the ivories at the tea room Thursday...
and well, getting back to a routine.

There's something great about routine.
Sometimes it can be a rut,
but sometimes it can be a comfort.

I'll leave you with a picture I accidentally took,
and now I'm glad I took it...
Those are my red toenails on that wonderful beach.

That Carillon beach is my new 'happy place'.
I can go there in my mind.... mmmm.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Extended Vacation!

We are enjoying some relaxing time in Alexandria, LA.

At first we didn't want to... but it's amazing what the brain can do.  It can DECIDE to not get in a tizzy.  I can DECIDE to be thankful (thankfully).

Traveling back from Florida to Texas, we had an almost-blowout 22 miles north of Alexandria... so had to get a tow truck because the nearby tire store didn't have our kind of tire and our tire couldn't be patched up...etc., etc.
(When you have a blog, you often have your camera out.).

We waited 2 1/2 hours for the tow... and knew we couldn't get the car worked on until Monday... so we had to settle down in our minds that life happens... and we're glad it does: we could have had a wreck.   We could be in the hospital or worse.
And we're together, Sam and I.
And in a La Quinta next door to a Cracker Barrel.... where we ate comfort food last night.

Mmm.... comfort food.

And here's a good quote I found....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Us at dusk...

on Carillon Beach in the Florida panhandle last night.

We were going to watch the sunset,
but got a late start.

Ah, but we were able to get a picture taken.

That sand is amazing, can you tell?

(If you've been reading my blog lately
you know that we've been in Florida this week
having a wonderful time,
staying at the Next Generations Beach House.)

Here are a few more pictures...
That's Ryan and Will doing what they do sometimes.

On Sunday Sam and I went to an outdoor market...
We got a delicious ham and cheese quiche and some blueberry muffins.

At another 'booth' we got some delicious homegrown tomatoes.

We weren't going to eat out again, so as not to try Nell's patience,
but well, we changed our mind.
We went to nearby Bridge Span 14.
The food was incredible.
I had the panko crusted pan-fried oyster salad.
(I just googled 'panko' and found out it is a Japanese-styled bread crumb.)
Again I say, YUM!

Nell did superwell there.
(Well, the service was quick, which we all liked.)

We even had time to play with Nell after we ate....

And then we walked back to the beach house....
You can tell that it just isn't the beach that is beautiful.

Now the vacation is officially over.
The younger set have left - to fly back to Texas.

Sam and I are staying another night.

(It's hard to leave this heaven-on-earth.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Some Favorites in Florida....

I have several favorite things here in Florida.

Well, there's the house (Next Generation Beach House) ....

That's Sam's car in the front, and our offspring's rental car on the left.
(They flew, we drove.)

When we walked in we immediately saw this sign....
Of course that made me immediately relax.

Oh, and there was this sign...
I started relaxing even more.

I could tell this was going to be a super-deluxe stress-free,
time-wasting vacation.

Then I walked upstairs to our bedroom
and I saw this pillow...
Isn't that fun?

And of course there's the fabulous beach
(which is just 60 to 70 steps (depending on your stride) from the house)...
... that is amazing.
(That picture is one of those panoramic picture-things.)
(you can click the picture to make it larger)

(It's the Carillon Beach,
which is east of Pensacola and west of Panama City.)
Now about our eating...
That first night we had some pizzas that Ryan baked and sliced....

The next night we had steaks that Sam grilled....
Super yum.

The next night (Monday) we went to Salty Sue's...
where we had to wait for a table...
The food was absolutely delicious...
but the wait was long...for a table, then for the food.
Nell was good, but we decided we'd only eat out once.

Then later that evening Princess Nell was fed by her aunt, then her uncle...
They're 'Aunt Lu-Lu' and 'Uncle Ry-Ry'.

I, of course, liked giving her her bottle after her bath the next morning....

And I like this sign...
... that is also in the beach house.

Well, Pat and Ken (who own the beach house)
would know the truth of that sign....
That's them (those are they) with some of their grandchildren.

We are having a super time...

And we're not done yet!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

I love romance!

 We're in Florida at the NEXT GENERATION BEACH HOUSE.

We're having a dream vacation... for sure!
["We" is Sam, me, Will, Bailey, granddaughter Nell, and Ryan and Laura (which translates into me, hubby, our kids and their spouses, and our granddaughter).]

And I'm enjoying some romance with my hubby...
since tomorrow we will have been married 36 years!

And I'm reading a Christian romance novel, while on this wonderful vacation.

It's not just ANY Christian romance novel.
It is a novel written by a high school friend,
who has made it BIG in Christian romance novels!!

My friend is Myra Langley Johnson...
and she is another famous person from Mission, Texas!!!

Well, there was Tom Landry...
...former (and most wonderful) coach of the DALLAS COWBOYS...

... and Bobby Jack Wright....
 ... who's been a great coach at the University of Texas
AND then the University of Oklahoma!!!

(I know her as Myra Langley.)

Here is her current Facebook profile picture....

She is a prolific writer... and I am so proud to know her.
(And my mother knows her, too,
as Myra had my mother as a reading teacher
in the eighth grade in Mission Junior High.)

(I'm sure we can attribute much of Myra's success to my mother!)

I am currently reading A HORSEMAN'S HOPE...
That's a terrible picture of me on the Carillon Beach yesterday...
but it's with a wonderful 'Myra-book'.

Click HERE for her website.

Click HERE for an interview with her on a blog post by author Jennifer Hudson Taylor.

And you can watch Myra here......

Myra is a wonderful writer. 
I've been glued to her book since we got here.

I also have her Christmas novel...
... which I will read when the time is right. :) 

She has many novels as part of HEARTSONGS,
the Christian division of Harlequin, published by Abingdon Press. 

I am a MAJOR FAN!!!

You will be, too. 

Check her out on

She is so readable...
so engaging.
so romantic.



(Stay tuned for more Florida Fun!)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Florida Fun on Father's Day....

I don't quite know how to begin telling you about our Florida time so far, so I'll just show you some pictures....

 That's Ryan ('Uncle Ry-Ry') with his niece Nell.

Ryan really is a father.
He is (as he calls himself) a feather-and-fur father!
(He has two dogs and four chickens.)

So we're all celebrating Father's Day here in sunny, fun Florida.


These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

I really, REALLY like this... I got this for my birthday! It's a key chain and there is none other like it!! I ADORE IT!! Thank you!!   ...