Saturday, June 7, 2014


Soon we'll be going to Florida, which translates: THE BEACH!!!

Here is some random stuff about our trip....

That's my daughter-in-law, Bailey Jo,
with her daughter (my granddaughter), Nell.
They're getting used to water that's not in a bathtub.

Yes. They're going to the beach, too!

As are these folks...
That's Ryan and Laura (my son-in-law and daughter).

And these guys....
That's my son (and Nell's dad), Will, and my husband Sam.
(I need to get a more recent picture of those two together.)

So YES our whole family is going!!

We are all beyond excited....

And before you tell me you're jealous,
let me say:
Sam and I have been planning on going to this Florida beach
for YEARS!!

We can finally go...
and with our kids and kids'-in-law!!!
Baby Nell

I'm enjoying the anticipation...

I can handle your jealousy.

Oh, here is a great sign...
(I needed it in the past,
which is another story for another day.)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Yes, you know me! I'm jealous but so excited for YOUR FAMILY trip!!!

laura said...

we can't wait!

Bobbie said...

Have a wonderful vacay! And, I love this quote on jealousy. That absolutely sums it up.

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