Saturday, June 7, 2014


Soon we'll be going to Florida, which translates: THE BEACH!!!

Here is some random stuff about our trip....

That's my daughter-in-law, Bailey Jo,
with her daughter (my granddaughter), Nell.
They're getting used to water that's not in a bathtub.

Yes. They're going to the beach, too!

As are these folks...
That's Ryan and Laura (my son-in-law and daughter).

And these guys....
That's my son (and Nell's dad), Will, and my husband Sam.
(I need to get a more recent picture of those two together.)

So YES our whole family is going!!

We are all beyond excited....

And before you tell me you're jealous,
let me say:
Sam and I have been planning on going to this Florida beach
for YEARS!!

We can finally go...
and with our kids and kids'-in-law!!!
Baby Nell

I'm enjoying the anticipation...

I can handle your jealousy.

Oh, here is a great sign...
(I needed it in the past,
which is another story for another day.)


Sara Elizabeth said...

Yes, you know me! I'm jealous but so excited for YOUR FAMILY trip!!!

laura said...

we can't wait!

Bobbie said...

Have a wonderful vacay! And, I love this quote on jealousy. That absolutely sums it up.