Sunday, June 22, 2014

Extended Vacation!

We are enjoying some relaxing time in Alexandria, LA.

At first we didn't want to... but it's amazing what the brain can do.  It can DECIDE to not get in a tizzy.  I can DECIDE to be thankful (thankfully).

Traveling back from Florida to Texas, we had an almost-blowout 22 miles north of Alexandria... so had to get a tow truck because the nearby tire store didn't have our kind of tire and our tire couldn't be patched up...etc., etc.
(When you have a blog, you often have your camera out.).

We waited 2 1/2 hours for the tow... and knew we couldn't get the car worked on until Monday... so we had to settle down in our minds that life happens... and we're glad it does: we could have had a wreck.   We could be in the hospital or worse.
And we're together, Sam and I.
And in a La Quinta next door to a Cracker Barrel.... where we ate comfort food last night.

Mmm.... comfort food.

And here's a good quote I found....

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

Too funny! On our last post-Thanksgiving New Orleans adventure, we had tire issues and ended up spending the night in Alexandria, too! Thankfully they had a Courtyard (a very nice one at that, too!!) and we were able to get it fixed pretty early (on Black Friday no less!) before getting on our way! Glad you two are SAFE - that can be a scary situation!!

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