Sunday, June 29, 2014

HORROR turns out not so horribly..... thankfully!

There was a horrible moment yesterday... when I thought I'd killed our beloved Shiloh!

Here he is in happier days...

Here he is today...

I was driving out of the drive, on my way to the tea room, when I heard a yelp. It was Shiloh!

He usually is in the way when we're coming or going... but he always gets out of the way... until yesterday.
I guess being over 10 years old makes him slower getting around.   Well, we've been knowing he's slower lately, but he's always been quick to move out of our traffic.

Sam tells me not to feel guilty... because I am not guilty.
But I feel bad... but thankfully not as bad as I could have felt. (He has no broken bones, but a hurt back right leg, and scrapes and bruises on his tummy.)

The pain medicine and inflammatory medicine are keeping him loopy.  He's been lying around and he has no appetite (for the first time in his life!).

For several years now it's just been the three of us around our house: Sam, Nancy and Shiloh.
We were made more aware of Shiloh's mortality yesterday.... which has made us appreciate him more today.

Here's a picture I like of him from years ago...
I'm hoping he'll be out there soon - with me - keeping cool.

I'll close with some dog cartoons, to cheer us up....

(Well, I think those helped cheer me up.)
(They were funnier before I hit Shiloh-pup.)

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