Monday, June 16, 2014

I love romance!

 We're in Florida at the NEXT GENERATION BEACH HOUSE.

We're having a dream vacation... for sure!
["We" is Sam, me, Will, Bailey, granddaughter Nell, and Ryan and Laura (which translates into me, hubby, our kids and their spouses, and our granddaughter).]

And I'm enjoying some romance with my hubby...
since tomorrow we will have been married 36 years!

And I'm reading a Christian romance novel, while on this wonderful vacation.

It's not just ANY Christian romance novel.
It is a novel written by a high school friend,
who has made it BIG in Christian romance novels!!

My friend is Myra Langley Johnson...
and she is another famous person from Mission, Texas!!!

Well, there was Tom Landry...
...former (and most wonderful) coach of the DALLAS COWBOYS...

... and Bobby Jack Wright....
 ... who's been a great coach at the University of Texas
AND then the University of Oklahoma!!!

(I know her as Myra Langley.)

Here is her current Facebook profile picture....

She is a prolific writer... and I am so proud to know her.
(And my mother knows her, too,
as Myra had my mother as a reading teacher
in the eighth grade in Mission Junior High.)

(I'm sure we can attribute much of Myra's success to my mother!)

I am currently reading A HORSEMAN'S HOPE...
That's a terrible picture of me on the Carillon Beach yesterday...
but it's with a wonderful 'Myra-book'.

Click HERE for her website.

Click HERE for an interview with her on a blog post by author Jennifer Hudson Taylor.

And you can watch Myra here......

Myra is a wonderful writer. 
I've been glued to her book since we got here.

I also have her Christmas novel...
... which I will read when the time is right. :) 

She has many novels as part of HEARTSONGS,
the Christian division of Harlequin, published by Abingdon Press. 

I am a MAJOR FAN!!!

You will be, too. 

Check her out on

She is so readable...
so engaging.
so romantic.



(Stay tuned for more Florida Fun!)


Myra Johnson said...

Oh, wow, Nancy!!!! You have just made my day!!!! I'm thrilled that you're enjoying my novels!

And double-wow--I'd completely forgotten your mom was my reading teacher! Oh, my, but this takes me back!

What fun to be counted among Mission's "famous"! For years, my claim to fame was that Tom Landry's dad, Ray, was my mom's auto mechanic!

Thanks so much, Nancy! You're the best!

Nancy said...

Myra, YOU'RE the best!!!!

I am LOVING your books!!!
You are so gifted.

Mm. Mm. Mm.


Myra Johnson said...

Aw, thanks!!

Also meant to wish you a happy anniversary! Looks like you're in a perfect locale to celebrate!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Myra.

Yes, this is the perfect place to celebrate.

:) :) :)

sara [at] journey of doing said...

2. Look at you soaking up some sun and looking content with a book. That's the life right there!!

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