Monday, June 2, 2014

On tanning, and now being okay with being REALLY pale...

In less than 2 weeks I'm going to the beach.

I have an old-timey bathing suit... and am really okay with it!

Whoa. Have I come a long way?! 

Years ago I would go outside and lie on a quilt with my twin sister and drink/eat frozen Metrecal for seemingly hours (probably more like 45 minutes).....
We'd lie in the sun... and hope to look more beautiful. 

Good grief.

Now I wish I hadn't done that.
But I did.

Oh well. We do silly things when we're young, right?

We want to be beautiful, or at least cute...
... for sure we want to be 'acceptable'.

And I did want that.

Now I'm glad I'm getting older  ... and wiser.

Here's something my FB friend Ginny posted on FB that I really like....

I think that is so right.

Oh, you can click HERE for finding about the safest way to tan.
(If you need to be tanned.)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

What is this metrical?! And yes, I cringe at how much time I spent tanning and how proud of those tan lines I was... and now I'm super pale... And that's okay!!

Nancy said...

Sara, Metrecal was a liquid diet drink that you'd drink instead of eat a meal. I think it's been decades since it was sold.
It was in cans but Peggy and I would pour it in plastic containers and freeze it. That way we could eat it like ice cream.... for lunch- as we'd tan. :)

Myra said...

One of the hardest tans I ever got:driving a tractor for my Dad all summer. The most fun: learning to water ski in Loisiana.
Now:if I's from yard work. Times change.

Bobbie said...

I remember Metrecal, but never tried it. Mom and I would drink Diet-Rite Cola and eat melba toast. And, of course, I laid in the sun and burned. Never tanned, just burned. Oh and remember the grapefruit, tuna and boiled egg diet. We would eat that for two days and then eat everything in the house the next two! I don't think I was really overweight, but because I was so tall, I weighed more than my friends. Wow, I'd love to weigh that now!

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