Thursday, June 19, 2014

Us at dusk...

on Carillon Beach in the Florida panhandle last night.

We were going to watch the sunset,
but got a late start.

Ah, but we were able to get a picture taken.

That sand is amazing, can you tell?

(If you've been reading my blog lately
you know that we've been in Florida this week
having a wonderful time,
staying at the Next Generations Beach House.)

Here are a few more pictures...
That's Ryan and Will doing what they do sometimes.

On Sunday Sam and I went to an outdoor market...
We got a delicious ham and cheese quiche and some blueberry muffins.

At another 'booth' we got some delicious homegrown tomatoes.

We weren't going to eat out again, so as not to try Nell's patience,
but well, we changed our mind.
We went to nearby Bridge Span 14.
The food was incredible.
I had the panko crusted pan-fried oyster salad.
(I just googled 'panko' and found out it is a Japanese-styled bread crumb.)
Again I say, YUM!

Nell did superwell there.
(Well, the service was quick, which we all liked.)

We even had time to play with Nell after we ate....

And then we walked back to the beach house....
You can tell that it just isn't the beach that is beautiful.

Now the vacation is officially over.
The younger set have left - to fly back to Texas.

Sam and I are staying another night.

(It's hard to leave this heaven-on-earth.)

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