Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vacation Yum!!!

 We're leaving for our Florida beach vacation soon!

For our first breakfast there Sam announced to me Monday morning that we should make 'toads-in-a-hole'.   (I had just served him one and he ranted and raved about it - and made that announcement.)

I said, "Yes!  Toads-in-holes for the Carmack clan!!!"
Click HERE for The Pioneer Woman's recipe, which she calls Egg-in-a-Hole.

I don't think The Pioneer Woman serves them with syrup....
but I do!!

And are they easy!
(That's the main thing.)

(The British also have a thing called toads in the hole,
and from Wikipedia I found out they're different.
Click HERE to read about them.

They look like this...
That looks good, but not as easy.

Easy is the main thing.

Hamburgers will also be on the beach menu.
Nana's hamburgers.
Sam taught me how to make them just right....

Ground chuck is usually best.
I often use just ground meat, though. 
The key is not to pat them down too tight,
not too tight at all,
just enough so they don't fall apart..
And add lots of salt and pepper.
That's all.
And cook them fast and then slow
and top them with sharp cheddar cheese while they're still on the grill.

One evening meal will be cooked by Will and Bailey
(while I take care of Nell).

Another evening meal will be cooked by Ryan and Laura.

I think amongst all of us Ryan likes to cook the most.

One thing about vacation food is that just the term means
that I can have some cheese on my cheeseburger.
And I can eat some fries.
And drink a REAL Dr. Pepper!!

Did you know my little Grandmother Jennie drank one every day...
... even in the nursing home.
(She died one week away from being 90.)


Click that and you'll see we won't be suffering.

Well, just the word 'vacation' means no suffering!
Well, unless you get sunburned.

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laura said...

can't wait!!!!

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