Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Super Saturday...

This past Saturday was super.

In Fort Worth, TX we celebrated being from Mission, TX!

First there was the lunch at the LONESTAR ANTIQUES tea room...

Here are the three Mission High School lunch gals together...
That's me with Laurie Diaz Goudeau and Kathy Fennell Cranfill.

Here's Laurie in younger years...
She had a man's job in Houston.
Go Laurie!!

Here she is with her husband (a Vietnam Vet) (who also came to lunch)....
You can understand how she's one of the people that inspired me to go gray.

And here's Kathy and her husband...

Here they are with their grandchildren....
Isn't that a great picture?

And here's Elizabeth (who also came to lunch with her two girls)...

I asked her to join us for the day,
to represent her dear mother, Peggy, my twin,
who died in 1989.

Here she is with her family Saturday night....
I sure do love those people.

I showed you all those above pics,
because I wanted to honor those who came to the lunch.

Oh, which included my dear hubby!

Here's a picture of me and him a few years ago at Baylor game...
... Sic 'Em, Bears!

And now for some pics from the Saturday night Mission High School reunion....
(You may have seen them on Facebook, but you can see them again.
I want to, anyway.)

We were in the La Puertita at Joe T. Garcia's Mexican Restaurant...

The evening sun came through rays into the lovely former chapel....

Here are some (fuzzy) pics of the five tables...

The food was delicious, but I couldn't savor it as usual because I had to MC the event, which I so enjoyed (thanks to Mrs. Haugarth, my speech teacher, at MHS)...

I'll just show you some random pics now...

That's me with my former student, Janie!

We represented many graduating classes (from 1963 to 1980!)

And we enjoyed sharing memories!

That's Mary Carolyn Ledbetter Williams excitedly telling us some fun memory.
She was sitting next to a special couple who celebrated their 48th anniversary that night!
I took the liberty to steal one of their wedding pictures on Facebook....
That's Bill and Judy Hunt Rudolph.
(Judy is a 1963 MHS grad, and Bill is a 1963 Sharyland grad.)
Happy Anniversary!!
It was a great evening...
(I'd tell you what each person was talking about, but it would make too long a blog post)
Just know this: we talked about principals and teachers (like Dr. Kenneth White, Mr. Grinnan, Mrs. Wolfrum, Rose Hart Dale, Mrs. Haugarth, Gus Zapata, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. White (my mom), Mr. Hood, Mr. Gaston (he taught chemistry, which I never took - I hope I got his name right), Mr. Suter (whom I thanked for teaching me how to type),  Mr. Nance, Mrs. Garza who taught Spanish, and Mrs. Rodriquez who also taught Spanish, etc., etc. etc.   

And David Morris talked about how it was during the ground-breaking ceremony for the new high school in 1963, that word got out that President Kennedy had been assassinated.
(Some of us had been on the playground at Bryan Elementary when we heard the news.)
(Well, everyone remembered.)

We talked about the lottery for the Viet Nam war.

We talked about Carl's Minimax,  and pep rally bonfires, and snake dances, and a substitute teacher who made her presence known by her super strong perfume.

We talked about going to schools that weren't air conditioned, and had no cafeterias.
And how the dress code really meant wearing dresses!

We talked and talked, and talked some more.

Afterwards some of us milled around, not wanting to leave each other...

The one main thing I regret about the evening - I didn't honor a very special group that was present. The group was the spouses/partners/dates who weren't from Mission.
They had to sit there hearing tales of which they never were a part.

I want to thank them for enduring the evening..... even if it meant they probably envied us for having grown up in such a wonderful place as Mission, Texas!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

"The Party's Over"....

.... and my feet are up...


 .... and I'm loving reliving the party in my mind!!!
(The mind is a wonderful thing.)

I'm talking about our Mission High School Reunion - with many graduating classes - that was held at wonderful Joe T Garcia's in Fort Worth Saturday night!

I've posted a lot of pictures on Facebook, but in case you missed them, you'll get your chance to see some here.... with some commentary as well.

But where to start?

Well, I'll start here with this fuzzy picture-
- with the rays of evening-light shining through...
I will identify some of those great folks in later posts, but since I have lots of blog readers that are not from Mission, I want to talk about the non-Mission person in this picture... and her importance. She's second from the left, seated by her husband Bob Lankford (a former Missionite.)
She's Deanna Ogden Lankford and she is from Chattanooga, Oklahoma!!! 
(Most of you only know of a Tennessee Chattanooga. - and you've missed out.)
Chattanooga, OK (pop. 400) is a town in southwest OK that has the best people in the world living there (well, next to Mission, TX people).  They're heart-of-the-earth-type people (like Mission people.) 
How do I know that?   We lived there 4 years where Sam pastored the First Baptist Church.  Our daughter Laura was born (in Lawton) while we were there... and my twin sister died from cancer while we were there.    The support from that little church was what got me through some hard days - of her suffering - and then death.    And Missionite Bob Lankford and Deanna Ogden Lankford were married there.   And Bob, a Baptist minister, officiated at many funerals there.
When I found that out on Saturday night, well, I almost started screaming.  Who knew a Chatty girl (we call the town Chatty) would be at our Mission reunion!!!

(That reminds me of a song about a 'small world'.)

Well, I don't like long blog I will take more than one blog post to tell about wonderful Saturday, okay?

I will show you just 2 more pictures with their significance....  (though there are lots more pictures with lots of significance as well - for future posts).

Here's another picture with a non-Mission person, who is looking on adoringly as her Mission husband shares some memories (about Gus Zapata as I recall)...

That's Gregg and Virgie Holbrook.
Coming to Joe T's was perfect for them:
they had their wedding rehearsal dinner there 40 years ago!!!

(What a wonderful couple they make.)

Now here's another significant picture...
That's me and my former student, Janie Salinas Saldivar!
I taught her English in Mission Junior High School in 1974 -
when I was just 22!!
And we reunited Saturday night!!
(She's now an RN who works in the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit (?))
at The Medical Center in Arlington.
Well, some of you Mission folks are dying for more photos with commentary...
but you'll have to stay tuned.

I have much to share...

... such as: there was one wonderful couple
who was celebrating 48 years of marriage that very night!

Stay tuned!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mission on my mind...

Mission, Texas is my hometown.

And tomorrow I'm getting to see some hometown folks, and I don't have to drive all the way down to Mission to see them!!
We're having a gathering at Joe T Garcia's in Fort Worth where we'll share some Mexican food and Memories!

I'll be laughing a lot. (Sometimes I laugh too loud, but the older I get the more I cut myself some slack on that.)

I'll share just a tad about my dear twin who died 25 years ago... because growing up in Mission meant I grew up with her, my best friend.

Here we were in 1969....

I don't think we look identical in that picture.
And her hair looks better, because I came home from the beauty shop and redid mine, which I regretted. 
(I may delete that sentence...but it somehow helps me in showing you what (I unashamedly think) is a glamorous picture.
(I don't want to show you the plain pictures.)

Anyway, I will speak just a tad about us as twins...
because I'm wanting folks to speak just a tad.

A 'tad' means NOT LONG.

If anyone starts talking a long time at this reunion I will put my hand on their shoulder and tell them to wrap it up.

Ha.   (I hope someone talks and talks.)  (I want him/her to see how assertive I can be!)

I'm getting silly-silly.

I get that way when I get excited.

I better close before I get too ridiculous.

Click HERE for Mission's main website.

Click HERE for Wikipedia's entry on Mission.   If you do a look at other Rio Grande Valley towns you will know that they have far fewer 'Notable People' than Mission.   (Well, Brownsville had a few more, but Brownsville is a lot bigger than Mission.)
We had folks like Tom Landry, Kika de la Garza, Lloyd Bentsen, Tito Santana, Trinidad Silva, etc., etc..  Oh and Williams Jennings Bryan.

Oh, here's my childhood home on Bryan Road (named after Bryan)....
That tree in the front was tiny when I lived there. As were all the trees.

Here's a picture of main street in Mission...
We did lots of shopping at Mission Dry Goods.
I remember thinking, "Well, they're not wet goods, anyway!"

I better stop before I get way too ridiculous!!

(Oh, at lunch tomorrow you can join me at LONESTAR ANTIQUES!!!!!
They have a great tea room - with good food.)
We'll start right at noon (12:00).

The antique mall is not too impressive on the outside...

but it IS impressive on the inside!
(Come see.)

I better close... and breathe slowly.
My heart can (can't) hardly take this much excitement.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Some thumbs up.... and some thumbs down...

I've tried some new things and places lately.
And I've seen some new pictures on Facebook lately, too.

And I have opinions about them.

Like this one...
My daughter painted their front door a vibrant red!
I give that a big...
Oh yes.

My hairdresser moved away, so I needed to try someone new.
I went with the recommendation of my niece, Elizabeth,
who always has great taste,
and I tried out MOUTON'S SALON in Grapevine.

I give that another

It's a fancy-looking place, so I thought it would be expensive.  
Since I'm not coloring my hair I decided I could go to a fancy place just for a haircut. 
When I got ready to pay out,
I found out it was $5 less than my other hair place (for just a haircut),
PLUS I got half off because it was my first time,
and since I said Elizabeth recommended it,
they said the next time she goes there she'll get half off, too!

Thanks, Elizabeth!

Oh, and not only was the price right, I love my hair cut!!
(And I'm picky.)

On another topic,
I tried out the new WHOLE FOODS that's opened in Colleyville, on Hwy 26.

I'd been to WHOLE FOODS once before (in Dallas), but I wasn't shopping really,
I just had time to kill and just bought some coffee.

Well, today I was shopping.

It's a nice place.
I saw lots of with-it-looking people.

But I give...
Well, not a huge thumbs down...
But they didn't have Peter Pan Peanut Butter!!
Or Dorito doritos!!

I will probably go back when I want some fancy food,
but I must remember to dress spiffy and/or 'earthy'.

Oh, I did buy some of their homemade guacamole,
which I can't wait to try.
(I usually give guacamole a big thumbs up.)

 Lastly I went to KOHL'S the other day
and found a little pajama outfit for my 8 1/2 month-old granddaughter.

It had just the words I wanted to say to her....

Here's the other side...
I give it, and KOHL'S a 

Oh, and here's my granddaughter with her dad, my son... on their back porch...

I give them, the food, the porch, well, everything, a huge...

That's all for now.

I will soon post some thoughts about my upcoming Mission reunion... and how I WILL talk about my twin Peggy this time.  (I didn't even mention her name when I spoke a little about my life at the 40th reunion in 2010. Well, I thought if I did I would just start crying.   But I'm ready to say a bit about her... and honor her.    I mean, if she could be there, she would be the life of the party!)

AND I know she would give a thumbs up to tears... if the tears come.
Oh yeah.

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