Saturday, July 5, 2014

Chewing to the music...

I came across an interesting article this morning. It's "On Music in Restaurants" in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY.
As you may know, I play background music in the LoneStar Antique Mall tea room, called Simpliciteas Tea Room.
That's me, before I let my hair go completely gray.

I've been playing there since November 2005.  Wow.  And it still is therapy for me.
I can sit down at that piano and play whatever I want however I want and well, chill.
And I've met so many wonderful people.

Lately I've been playing "Let It Go" from FROZEN every other time I play...
I've found to be a great source for music.  I got the easy version of "Let It Go" and voila, I could play it right away. 

I play "Moon River" every time because Claudia (the boss-lady in the tea room) (whom I've grown to love dearly) wants me to play it everyday ... for her.   I'm happy to oblige.

I try to play music that will be good for digestion.  (I'm serious!)

One time Sam and I were eating in the downtown Worthington Hotel cafe (to feel more cultured, I guess) and there was this fellow playing a grand piano in the upstairs lobby-area, near the cafe.  I guess he was wanting to wow everybody with his piano skills...   He was horrible.  Oh, he had the skills, but it was too loud, too busy, too fast, and we wanted to complain to the manager, which we should have done.
It was so non-conducive to eating.
We ate fast and left.
Well, that might have been the point: to get people in and out of there in a hurry.  It worked.

Anyway, do you like live music while you dine?
What songs would YOU like to hear in the tea room?
I'd love to know.

In doing a google search for 'piano in restaurant cartoon' I found this... 
which is not a cartoon, and not in a restaurant....
I call it... 'Playing with your Food'. ....
That is a pretty wonderful way to make a sandwich!
(How I got that gig in the tea room will be material for another blog post soon.)
(Stay tuned!)

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