Friday, July 25, 2014

Mission on my mind...

Mission, Texas is my hometown.

And tomorrow I'm getting to see some hometown folks, and I don't have to drive all the way down to Mission to see them!!
We're having a gathering at Joe T Garcia's in Fort Worth where we'll share some Mexican food and Memories!

I'll be laughing a lot. (Sometimes I laugh too loud, but the older I get the more I cut myself some slack on that.)

I'll share just a tad about my dear twin who died 25 years ago... because growing up in Mission meant I grew up with her, my best friend.

Here we were in 1969....

I don't think we look identical in that picture.
And her hair looks better, because I came home from the beauty shop and redid mine, which I regretted. 
(I may delete that sentence...but it somehow helps me in showing you what (I unashamedly think) is a glamorous picture.
(I don't want to show you the plain pictures.)

Anyway, I will speak just a tad about us as twins...
because I'm wanting folks to speak just a tad.

A 'tad' means NOT LONG.

If anyone starts talking a long time at this reunion I will put my hand on their shoulder and tell them to wrap it up.

Ha.   (I hope someone talks and talks.)  (I want him/her to see how assertive I can be!)

I'm getting silly-silly.

I get that way when I get excited.

I better close before I get too ridiculous.

Click HERE for Mission's main website.

Click HERE for Wikipedia's entry on Mission.   If you do a look at other Rio Grande Valley towns you will know that they have far fewer 'Notable People' than Mission.   (Well, Brownsville had a few more, but Brownsville is a lot bigger than Mission.)
We had folks like Tom Landry, Kika de la Garza, Lloyd Bentsen, Tito Santana, Trinidad Silva, etc., etc..  Oh and Williams Jennings Bryan.

Oh, here's my childhood home on Bryan Road (named after Bryan)....
That tree in the front was tiny when I lived there. As were all the trees.

Here's a picture of main street in Mission...
We did lots of shopping at Mission Dry Goods.
I remember thinking, "Well, they're not wet goods, anyway!"

I better stop before I get way too ridiculous!!

(Oh, at lunch tomorrow you can join me at LONESTAR ANTIQUES!!!!!
They have a great tea room - with good food.)
We'll start right at noon (12:00).

The antique mall is not too impressive on the outside...

but it IS impressive on the inside!
(Come see.)

I better close... and breathe slowly.
My heart can (can't) hardly take this much excitement.



Anonymous said...

Mission was a great place to be a kid. It was a kinder, more innocent time. Enjoy your time together tomorrow. My sister will be there so I can count on seeing lots and lots of pix.

laura said...

hope you had a great time! And i've never thought you laugh too loud

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Most of the time I can't tell the difference between you and Peggy in the old pictures... and in this one, I thought I had it right... until I read it... turns out, I can't tell you apart in this one either! I think your hair looks glamorous... because that's usually how mine looked after my mom took me to the salon. For the same reasons. ;)

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