Monday, July 21, 2014

Smart art, in my humble opinion....

I've never taken an art lesson in my life.

But I know what art I like.

Like this...
That is my daughter's art.
Isn't that amazing?!

She sells her art on Society 6.
You can buy her work on clothes, cell phone covers, shower curtains, etc., etc.,
oh, and in picture frames.

You can click HERE
and see what she has done.

I'm so proud.


I saw a different piece of art at The Animal Emergency Hospital
on Hwy 114, just east of Kimball, in Grapevine, TX.
 (We went there because I accidentally hit our dear dog with my car.)
(He's okay, thank goodness.)

while there with our dear Shiloh, 
that above picture was a huge poster
in the room we were having Shiloh 'worked on.'

It was so huge that I just 'saw' the nostrils
and they looked like alien eyes,
with the tongue looking like a skirt to me.

"That's a weird picture,"
I said to Sam.

"What is it?"
I asked him.

Sam said,
"Take a few steps back and look at it."

And I did...
and saw that it was a shaggy dog!!

There the dog was!!!

There does seem to be a sermon in that.
Like: don't judge anything/anybody
until you see the 'big picture'. 

You can mull on that
while I show you a picture I took
of two pictures
in our room at the La Quinta
in Alexandria, LA last month....
I just thought that was so pretty.
... and in a La Quinta!

You never know where you'll find art you like.

That's my blog post for now.

(It's my way of detaching from the Mission, TX reunion I'm hosting this weekend.)
(I obsess on everything being perfect,
but since I'm not perfect, well...
it won't be perfect...
... which is kind of a relief.)

That reminds me of Groucho Marx,
who said he wouldn't want to be a member of a club
that would have him as a member. 

(I think I will share more of Groucho Marx's quotes in the future.)
(He was quite a 'smart artist of words' in my opinion.)

I hope you're having a good evening.



laura said...

thanks momma!

Nancy said...

You're welcome, daughter!!!

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